Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Christmas cheer, or Christmas fear?

As you'll have already noticed, i have added a countdown to Christmas on my blog and it has really brought home to me just how little time i have left to prepare! I have two adorable daughters who understand that we are pretty cash-strapped, but that doesn't mean that i want them losing out on receiving some nice gifts! I imagine for many families, this is one of the toughest times of the year - i know it is for me, as not only to i have to find ways of buying gifts, but i have to continue paying those monthly bills!
It seems that whilst most people are preaparing and looking forward to the festive season, i am making myself ill with worry. It's so difficult when you have kids, as although mine don't really expect alot, i like to get them what i can to avoid them feeling left out at school and getting stick for not having much....some of their mates receive many expensive gifts which is just not possible for me, and i really don't like putting myself in debt, so i try to buy within my means.
I would love to hear your thoughts on dealing with Christmas, whether you're well prepared or just wishing it was all over, and if you have any advice, it would be more than welcome!! x


  1. Howdy,

    I think this year everyone knows that there's an issue and we're all making changes. For the first time ever, our families have all agreed that basically only the children will be getting things (that's what it's about).

    It actually has been accepted very easily so I suspect even those who used to get expensive things may not be doing so this year.

    Don't worry & hope it goes well.

  2. thanks for your reply, i know my kids do understand, its just the guilt i feel - they only get gifts from us and my dad, but are usually pretty happy with what they get. its reassuring to hear that i am not alone! (sounded a bit eerie there, sorry!)

  3. You won't be the only one feeling like this

    I don't have children but still I have found this year quite tight and although I have done most of my shopping already I still feel guilty that I should spend more

    There are some great offers out this year as shops need customers, there are a lot of discount codes too!

    And you can win some nice stuff on twitter! :-)

  4. thankyou for your reply! i think half the trouble is the pressure from the media...tons of tv ads showing all the new fangled gadgets i said though, my kids will be happy either way, just as a parent i wish i could do more! x


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