Monday, 22 February 2010

4 Way Mix and Yoghurt Bananas Review

My extremely fussy other half was the first to open and try these - amazingly, i had to grab the packets from him to try for myself and so i could get a pic before they all vanished!
Personally, i chose not to try these, mainly because i'm not a big fan of bananas! My kids however tried them, and as you already know, my other half did too! Everyone seemed really impressed with these although they found the banana slightly hard - their preferred way of eating them was to bite the yoghurt from around the outside and then let the banana melt in their mouths.
Thumbs up for these and very few calories too!
Next we all tried the 4 Way Mix - delicious raisins and peanuts covered in either milk chocolate or yoghut. These were a huge hit all round - even more so when i discovered they had ZERO, yes, thats right, ZERO calories!!! Kids loved them and myself and the other half loved them too. Ideal for a snack throughout the day or for putting in kids packed lunch boxes, without the guilt!
Both of these products are available from the website

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