Monday, 22 February 2010

Upcoming reviews

This morning, i received a very lovely package from
It contained the following:
Goodness - 4 way mix
Goodness - Yoghurt Bananas
Goodness - Walnut Halves
Goodness - Litejack, Apricot and Vanilla
Goodness - (ready soaked) Pitted Prunes
Biscru - Beetroot and Carrot Biscuits
Pertwood Organic Farm - Barley Flakes
Amisa - Spelt Crispbread
Patersons - Olive Oil Oat Cakes
De Rit Organics - Syrup Waffles
GranoVita - Flapjack with LinuSprout and Cranberry
GranoVita - Meat Free Peperoni
Jordan's Frusli - Cranberry and Apple (not pictured as they were already eaten)
Percola - Cola
Celestial Herbal Tea - Lemon Zinger
Twinings - Fresh and Fruity, Echinacea and Raspberry
All foods contain natural ingredients with no artificial additives or flavours, making them an extremely favourable healthy option!
I will be reviewing each of these products as i try them and posting my opinions on here along with the link on where to find them, you can also follow on twitter, just click the link

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