Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Nokia X6 Comes With Music Review

WOW, how fab is this?  Imagine receiving it as a gift....i'd be overjoyed!  The packaging itself is so appealing and then you reach this stunning phone inside...what more could you ask for?
Incredibly, i was given this by the lovely We_R_NokiaMusic on twitter for review!

Boasting an incredible 32GB memory built in, so no need for a memory card yet still tons of storage space for music, photos, videos etc. It also has a fantastic 3.2" touchscreen so those of you who struggle to read the screen on an average mobile, you should have no problems at all with this!  The X6 also has internet access via WLAN and thanks to the handy little keypad lock on the side of the phone, you won't accidently be connecting to the internet or calling people....which i have done many a time!
For full technical specifications click here as i'm not much of a tech head.

As you can (hopefully) see from the pic, there are many applications and much to explore - i'm still finding my way round a little, although making/receiveing calls, texting, taking pictures etc are very simple to do once you stop being scared to touch anything!
As the name suggests, the Nokia X6 comes with unlimited music downloads totally free for one year, once you install the cd (which comes with the phone) then follow the simple instructions.  Once you've installed everything you just need to register on the ovi site and activate your unique code  - then you're ready to get downloading!  You're not restricted here either, there a many singles and full albums available for download from the past to the present day....what other mobile phone offers you such great value?
The sound quality is absolutely superb with no tinniness or crackles, so you can really crank it up and still have crystal clear sound - maybe slightly to the annoyance of people around you but hey, you gotta enjoy it!

I have to say that i would highly recommend this phone as it continues to teach and amaze me and a definate must have for the music lovers out there because with this phone, you're street cred will go through the roof!

I'd like to thank We_R_NokiaMusic on twitter for providing me this phone for review - i love it!!

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  1. Hey Sass, Glad you like the phone and I hope you make the most of the unlimited download subscription. If you have any questions you know where to find me. x


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