Friday, 28 May 2010

60 Second Nail Polish

As a Rimmel London VIP, I have been sent some of their fabulous new 60 Seconds Nail Polish to try out!
Here's what I received:

From left to right, 615 Fast and Fuchsia, 805 Grey Matter, 825 Sky High and 285 Style Hunter.

Over the last few days I have tried all 4 of these fantastic new's been fun!

                                                                      Firstly, I tried the Sky High as this was my fave! Please ignore the fact that my nails aren't perfectly manicured like some and blimey, I didn't realise how wrinkly my hands were till I took this.  Never mind though, the nail varnish itself has to be applied pretty quickly and there is very little room for error as it's so fast drying - if you're an expert at applying, then this is ideal for that last minute, "I forgot to apply my nail varnish" scenario as it literally does dry in 60 seconds...amazing! Gorgeous colour, although I did give my nails 2 coats as i could still see them slightly after 1st application.
The next colour I tried was the Grey Matter which I also loved .....good solid colour!                                    

Followed by Fast and summery and bright, I loved it!                                                                

And last, but by no means least, Style Hunter                                                                                               

Like I said before, please ignore the poor state of my nails etc, I don't usually take pics of the product in use, but hoped it may give some of you a better idea of how this looks once applied!       
Due to the unique design of the brush, you can coat most of the nail in one swoop, but be warned, if you don't get it all first time, it will have already began to dry - I made a right mess trying to get the bits of nail i'd missed with the first stroke!! My only other bit of advice would be to remember to apply a Base Coat first - I forgot about this when using the Sky High and when i came to remove it, my nails were pretty badly stained - needless to say, I remembered before applying any of the other colours!!                                                  

These fabulous 60 Second Nail Polishes, which are available in 24 gorgeous shades, can be purchased from Superdrug for a cost of £3.49, but they're on special offer of Buy 3 for the price of 2 at the minute - not bad eh! If you aren't up for buying one just yet, why not enter Rimmel London's Promotion  to try and win yourself one, you never know your luck!                                                                                                                   


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