Sunday, 2 May 2010

Olive Oat Cakes & Spelt Crispbread Reviews

Olive Oil Oat Cakes - This is the first time i've ever tried anything like this before and for me personally, I wasn't too keen.  Although they are a 'healthy' option and made with natural ingredients, for me, they tasted a little like cardboard.....i even tried with a little cheese on top but was unable to manage a whole one.  This is also the first thing my kids tried with neither of them liking....both declaring they were a little like cardboard too.
Spelt Crispbread - I found these to be quite similar to Riveta, but with added sunflower and sesame seeds.  For me, I didn't like the taste of the sunflower seeds much, so picked them off, however the rest of the crispbread i found to be quite tasty - especially with a little cheese on top!  I was the only one in the household who would eat and other half weren't keen at all.  I would recommend these as they're a good healthy option and quite enjoyable too!

As always, both of these can be bought from Goodness Direct

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