Thursday, 17 June 2010

Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar

This is a review that I wasn't asked to do, but just had to since I am so impressed with this cheese!!
I discovered collierscheese on twitter a few weeks ago and they had the most fantastic offer whereby the first 100 people to sign up on their website would receive some free Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar Cheese - of course, I was straight there and in hindsight, i'm so glad I was!!
My free cheese arrived about 2 weeks after signing up and I was extremely surprised to find that it was a whopping 400g block complete with a little ice pack to keep it cool and in tip top condition.
It didn't take me too long to get the packet open either.....the smell that hit me was that of a good, strong cheddar.  It's a fairly crumbly cheese, but that didn't worry me in the slightest and the taste was even better than expected!! I am a huge fan of Cathedral City cheese and for a long time this has been my favourite, however, after trying Collier's cheese, I am rapidly changing my opinion.
So far, i've eaten this in a sandwich, on its own, grated over a jacket potato and melted onto toast and have ended up going back for seconds - the rest of my family barely had a look in!!
Collier's say and I quote ‘One Taste and You’ll Become a Collier Too’ and as far as i'm concerned, they're right!

Overall, I would highly recommend this cheese if you like good, strong cheddars which are extremely won't be disappointed!!
The Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar is available from most major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury's - so you're sure to be able to get your hands on some.
Check out the Collier's website for more informatin or follow @collierscheese on twitter.

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