Friday, 25 June 2010

Volume Flash the Max Waterproof Mascara

Mission 3 for Rimmel London is to have a go at this new Volume Flash the Max Waterproof Mascara in 001 Black...of course I was more than willing!!
The claim is that it gives up to '14% more volume' and is 'easy to remove' with 'no clumping'
I tried this as soon as I got it, as I do with all new makeup since i'm like a big kid, and I have to say, it is pretty impressive.
I felt that the mascara itself took a little too long to dry and as a result, I ended up with black lines across my eyelids as soon as I opened them me, this isn't a good look!! I did feel that my lashes had a little more volume, although i'm not sure i'd go so far as to say it was 14%.
It did, once dried, give a nice even coverage without leaving clumps and I did test the 'waterproof' claim by getting splashed in the face to see if it ran....alas, i'm pleased to say that it didn't!!
I used my normal eye makeup remover and it came off no problem and without giving me 'panda eyes' so I was pretty impressed with that!!
Overall, I was quite impressed with this and it's ability to make my spangly lashes look a little fuller and the colour was just right for me...not too harsh, which is a problem I have with alot of mascaras. I certainly would consider buying this in future and can definately recommend it!!
As always, the mascara is available to buy from all good retailers including Boots and Superdrug - it's currently available in Superdrug for an unbelievable price of £4.99, so hurry!!
Check out what Rimmel London have to say about it too ;-)

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