Monday, 28 March 2011

Cherry Vimto and Vimto Lolly

I have had so much fun trying out all the Vimto goodies I was sent.......and i've had a few extra visitors to my house since I got them too!
Next for me to try was the New Cherry Vimto. I started with the can and I have to say that i'm not usually a big fan of cherry flavoured drinks but this left me wanting more! There was just the right amount of fizz and it wasn't too gassy (not sure if that's a word but hey, we all make mistakes lol). It still had the same distinct Vimto flavouring but with the added hint of cherry.....and it was delicious!! There was actually a fight for these cans in my house, but for a change, I got there first! My kids were next in line and they both told me in no uncertain terms, that I HAD to buy some more......guess that's me told eh! My other half wasn't keen on trying it at first as he's always loved Vimto and was a little unsure but I convinced him to try and that was the last I saw of that can. I guess he liked it!
Now for the Cherry Vimto which had to be diluted. Personally, I wasn't so keen on this as a juice but it did quench my thirst. My other half and my kids all thought it was extremely nice and managed to finish most of the bottle within 2 days...they left me just enough to try it hot.
I wasn't really looking forward to it much but thought i'd give it a go anyway, and i'm so glad I did. The smell was the first thing that hit me and it smelled gorgeous. You could pick out the cherry without too much trouble and the spices in Vimto really stood out....I absoutely loved it! Full of flavour and for me, it worked wonders for my blocked nose. Definately will be buying again.
I was really looking forward to trying the lolly....i'm such a big kid! Again, I wasn't disappointed. This was so full of flavour and unlike some lollies, it wasn't 'sharp' when I bit it and the flavour lasted through to the very end. It managed to keep my kids quiet for a good half an hour....heaven!
So far, i've already added everything i've tried to my shopping list and I am so impressed. If you like Vimto, then you're sure to like all other Vimto products out there too....and there's plenty of them!

All products tried were sent to me free of charge from Vimto via twitter. The above review is based upon my own opinions which may not be the same as your own.

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