Thursday, 24 March 2011

Vimto Fizzy Rip Roll & Vimto Carton

As you'll know from my earlier post, I was sent some fab goodies from Vimto for review. If you're on twitter, why not follow them.....just click here!
The first things I decided to review were the Fizzy Rip Roll and a carton of still Vimto...I couldn't resist the fizzy roll! WOW, I certainly wasn't disappointed. This was absolutely delicious and had the distinctive traditional Vimto flavouring. I was quite surprised by how much was on the roll, it seemed to last forever. Yes, it did make my eyes water and there were a few funny faces pulled during eating, but I have to say that I absolutely loved it!! My kids and other half were dying to get in on the action too so of course, I shared (not that I wanted to mind you)! Full marks all round.....definately one to buy again!
The carton of still Vimto was also spot on, not too weak and not too strong but packed with that fantastic unique Vimto flavouring and it was just the right size too....ideal for those packed lunch boxes! It was also nice to see that the straws were still attached to the cartons, well done Vimto!

The products included in this review were sent to me free of charge from Vimto in return for reviews. All opinions are my own, so be warned, yours may differ.

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