Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vimto - Upcoming Reviews

I've been sent a fabulous selection of products to sample and review from Vimto. Before I begin reviewing, I thought i'd share a pic of what I received.....

As you can see, there's a whole range of products and i'm really looking forward to getting stuck in and trying them's probably no surprise that my kids are keen as mustard to try these too!
Here's a pic of each different product laid out so you get a good idea of what's there....
From left to right we have: Sugar Free Fizzy Vimto, Bottle of Still Vimto ready mixed, Carton of Still Vimto ready mixed, Original Vimto to dilute, Cherry Vimto to dilute and a can of Cherry Vimto.
In the forefront of the pic are a Vimto Fizzy Rip Rol (left), Vimto Lolly (right) and a packet of Vimto Tongue Ticklers.....phew, time to take a breath!

My kids were quick to lay claims to some of this, they've each taken a carton of still Vimto and a Fizzy Rip Roll into school today so i'll be hounding them for opinions when they get in.....and of course i'll have to try them myself, for review purposes you understand!
Keep an eye open for the upcoming reviews.....first one will be up tomorrow!

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