Monday, 9 May 2011

Braun Silk-épil 7 Week 10

Well it's been a few weeks now since I updated you on my use of the Braun Silk-epil 7 which was supplied to me as a Bzzagent for review, so here it is, my 10 week review!!
Despite my best attempts, I haven't yet reached a stage where i'm comfortable waiting 2 weeks before each epilation....more like a week and a half! It's not that the hairs are desperately noticable, but with the weather we've been enjoying lately, my pins are out a little more often than normal and I like to know they're 'fuzz free'.
I can hand on heart say that there has been a huge improvement in the hair re-growth on my legs, it's not only slower, but it's an awful lot finer than normal. Roughly 2 days after using a normal razor, my partner would complain that my legs were 'stubbly' and 'prickly' way to keep 'em at arms' length.....but now, he barely even notices when they're starting to grow back in.
A small word of warning, as you can see, there is a dial on the front of the epilator with 2 settings. You have 'I' which is 'extra gentle' and 'II' which is 'extra efficient'. I strongly recommend that you begin with 'I' and stick with it for the first few times of use as setting 'II' seems to work a little quicker and you feel it more!
It's a little difficult to see on the pic above but there are 40 little tweezers all merrily plucking away as you glide the epilator over your skin (pic shown is of epilation head only and this should not be used without a cap). I've now used my epilator around 7 times and theres still enough life in the smoothing cap for a few more uses, so it's very good value for money.

If you're looking for a hair removal system which is easy to use, provides lasting results, eliminates the black dots on legs where the hair begins to grow back, leaves hairs finer and less noticable AND can be used wet or dry, then this is most certainly the epilator for you. There's nothing complicated about it, it comes apart easily, is cleaned easily, doesn't take long to charge and goes for a full 30 minutes before needing a boost....if I can manage it, anyone can!!

There's no looking back for me now, I absolutely love it.....but just because I do, doesn't necesseraly mean that you will too so bear that in mind when you read my review....different strokes for different folks and all that!

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