Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Limited Edition Apple & Blackcurrant Fab - COMP NOW CLOSED

Recently I was (again) lucky enough to be sent a few goodies from Fab Ice Lolly on twitter. My pack included a Fab bag, badges and a couple of £2 vouchers so that I could purchase the new Limited Edition Apple and Blackcurrant ice lollies...
I absolutely love the bright pink on this bag!! Anyway, back to business, I tottled off to my local Asda yesterday in search of these new lollies and found them without any trouble at all. I can't remember the exact price, but they were definately under £2 and that's for a box of 8!

The first thing I noticed was the fact that they are free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and they also contain real fruit...a huge bonus in my opinion. As with everything I get to review, I couldn't wait to try them.....nor could my kids!!

The wrappers (if you're interested) are eye catching and brightly coloured, my kids thought they looked quite fun and cheery and there's certainly no mistaking that they're Fab!
Mmmmm now how tasty and appealing does that look? Yip, just what I thought too (I couldn't resist a nibble before I took the pic), it looks so tasty and refreshing, i'm almost dribbling as I write this review and they've all been eaten! Aaargh!!
Anyway, these certainly lived up to my expectations. First your met with the delightful taste of chocolate and sugar strands which really compliment each other....I like to bite this off a little at a time rather than chomping straight through the lolly. When I did actually take a bite, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the blackcurrant and apple flavouring was made to perfection and the taste didn't fade either - ie when you suck the flavour out of most lollies turn white, this one didn't as the flavour ran throughout. Since yesterday was pretty hot and stuffy, I also found them to be extremely refreshing...they really tickled the taste buds and quenched my thirst as well as cooled me down. My partner and kids also said that they really enjoyed them and once again, they've been added to my ever growing shopping list!
Your Chance To Win
Okey dokey, now that i've had a chance to try them, I thought i'd give one of you lovely lot the opportunity to try them too. It's only a small giveaway so don't get too excited, but i'm sure many of you wouldn't mind trying these for free!! The prize consists of that superb pink Fab bag, a badge and a £2 voucher (see the first pic above). In order for you to get lucky, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what your perfect flavour ice lolly would be...simple! Don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you ie twitter name/email. Please feel free to spread the word via twitter or facebook (links are below this post). Thanks for reading and good luck :)
Comp Rules
1. Sorry but this comp is open to the UK only
2. Only 1 entry per person, duplicates will be disqualified so you have been warned!
3. Comp ends on Friday 27th May (plenty time) and prize will be posted out soon after
4. As always I will post the name of the winner on my blog, twitter and facebook


  1. I quite fancy a champagne, chocolate and strawberry flavoured lolly :)
    Thanks for the giveaway

  2. I love mint icecream, so a nice mint lolly for me , don`t think anyone makes mint lollies
    thanks for giveaway too

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies....both sound yummy! Good Luck :D xx

  4. Tequila flavoured lolly would be nice on a steaming hot day! :-)
    @gingerchick on twitter

  5. mango and cider. @garethdrake

  6. Strawberries, Cream and Chocolate :-)

    Lovely giveaway and love the blog @surreysunshine

  7. Ooooh I used to love Fab lollies-not had them for years!!!
    My fav loly would definately be a smoothie frozen-orange, mango, banana and pineapple :)
    Thanks for giveaway hun :)

  8. Lager & Lime flavour ice lolly from the ice cream man, oh yes thank you!


  9. I would love to see raspberry split instead of strawberry.

  10. Mmm I love fabs - but what I really fancy would be Cherry and Blackberry (my 2 favourite fruits) My mouth is watering lol!! @ThePlace2


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