Friday, 2 December 2011

New Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch - Review

I was recently sent some of this New Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch to review.....just what I needed for the weather we've been having lately!!

When I took the lid off, immediately I could smell the original Vimto but also a mixture of other ingredients which sent my senses into overdrive. The strongest of the smells was probably the aromatic cloves but I definately detected the cinnamon too.

Now for the taste test....
As per the directions, I poured a small amount into my cup and boiled the kettle. I personally prefer this kind of drink when the kettle is hot, but not quite fully boiled, which is exactly what I did.
The second I poured in the hot water, I could smell the far the strongest of the smells I felt, although you can also pick out a few others too.
The careful blend of ingredients mean that as soon as you take a drink, you get an instant warming feeling throughout your body. I was a little bunged up at the time and found it to be quite comforting...the aromatic smells even helping me to breathe a little easier!!
I don't think I could drink alot of this as it's quite rich in flavour, but is ideal for the cold winter nights which lie ahead.
My kids were slightly put off by the smell (the bit that I liked), and they weren't too impressed with the taste either which I pretty much expected, although my oldest did say that she didn't find it too bad but she couldn't manage alot of it.
I'd definately say that Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch was more of a drink for the adults....and a great mixer for those of you who like a non-alcoholic Christmas Punch!

New Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch is available from most Tesco stores at a cost of £1.89 for a 725ml bottle. Try it for yourself!!

Check out the Vimto Facebook page for more info on this and other Vimto products.

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