Friday, 18 April 2014

Laid Bare Tantastic from My Pure

I was sent a bottle of Laid Bare Tantastic from My Pure free of charge, in return for an honest review.

Tantastic is has no synthetic content and is said to give 'a tan that not only looks natural, but is natural' and 'works with your natural skin tone, with no orange hue' so I decided to put it to the test.

This didn't come with any instructions, so it was pretty much just guess work. First, I made sure my skin was fully exfoliated and I moisturised dry areas such as knees, the day before I used it.

With lid removed

Now, here's where I made my first mistake ......I completely removed the lid and poured what you can see into my hand! I then proceeded to spread this over my legs making sure I had even coverage and being especially careful around my knees and feet. I had far too much cream in my hand and it was way more than enough for both legs. I personally wasn't too keen on the smell as it had a familiar 'fake tan' tinge to it.  I quickly washed my hands, making sure to clean under my nails before replacing the lid. It was at this point I noticed a tiny hole in the very top of the lid which opened when the lid was fully closed .....

I discovered that if you use this tiny hole to disperse the cream, you get a much better amount and alot less waste.

I found that the cream took quite a while to absorb into my skin, but that may well be due the amount I used! I waited for at least an hour before dressing. I didn't notice any real difference until I got out of bed the next morning, although I do wear trousers most of the time so hadn't kept checking progress.

After using Tantastic
I have a medium skin tone and during the winter months, my skin generally looks drained and pale. Tantastic gave me a nice colour, although much darker than I expected .....again, this could be due to the huge amount of the product I used!!
I did still notice a few patches over my knees where the colour appeared a bit deeper, but after a quick scrub, they blended in well with the rest of the my legs.
This is a progressive tanning product, so the more you apply, the deeper the colour, I found that this one application was enough for me and after around 4 days, it had fully washed off leaving my natural pale colour behind.

Overall, I was reasonably impressed with this product, although did find it a little messy and far too smelly. The end result was quite pleasing and I did feel more confident with a bit of colour.

You can purchase Laid Bare Tantastic from My Pure at the reasonable price of £6.00 for 125ml.

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