Monday, 13 October 2014

AERO 360° PURE from Unibond

As part of The Insiders, I received this product free of charge in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

For many years we have suffered severe damp problems in our home which has resulted in fortunes being spent on decoration etc. I have hunted high and low for a product which is inexpensive and not harmful to use without success, so I jumped at the chance of trialling the AERO 360° PURE.

The key signs to having too much moisture are:
- Dust mites
- General allergies and joint problems
- The feeling of being cold or having a cold on a regular basis
- Damp in your home
- Condensation and lingering bad smells around the house
- Wallpaper peeling off, blistering paint, mould and mildew patches etc

I pretty much ticked all of these boxes so couldn't wait to see if this product would actually make a difference!

Once removed from the box, the AERO 360° PURE is really easy to set up and use immediately...

Simply pop open clips on the side to separate
Press 'Open' on the lid to install the ultra-absorbent refill tab
The tab is to sit on the axle with the blue side facing downwards
Key features of the AERO 360° PURE are:
- ULTRA-ABSORBENT REFILL TAB a new wave shaped design with a hollowed centre. 2 in 1 technology: anti-moisture and anti-odour. The tab lasts for approximately 3 months. Once it is fully dissolved, replace the tab with a new one.
- AERODYNAMIC DEVICE air circulates around and through the suspended tab, based on 360° air circulation for increased efficiency.
- EASY HANDLING with a one touch loading tray.
- DRAINING SPOUT to easily empty the salty solution from inside the tank.
- LEVEL WINDOW to visibly monitor the amount of fluid in the tank

As all of the rooms in my home suffer from dampness, I decided to place it in my kids' bedroom as this is probably one of the worst affected and you can actually feel the dampness in the air. I didn't want to stand it on the windowsill so I placed it on the top of a wardrobe around 10cm (the recommended distance) away from the wall and waited.

I checked the bottom and after only 2 days, this is what was collected ....

Not a huge amount I know, but I was still impressed that there was anything at all! At least I knew some moisture was definitely being drawn from the air.
The AERO 360° PURE has now been stood in my kids' room for 11 days and when I checked this morning, this is what I found ....

As you can see, there's quite a bit there! Apart from what is visible in the bottom, there has also been a noticeable difference in the feel of their room. The cold air doesn't smack you in the face as soon as you enter, the smell has almost disappeared altogether and the blackness in my walls seems to be fading too. Both my kids are a lot less snuffly and the room is a more comfortable place to be. I really am amazed that such a small, relatively cheap device, can make such a huge difference!

If you're interested in purchasing one of these little room savers for your home, they're available to buy from: for £6.70 for £19.99
Tesco Direct for £20.00 (and earn 20 clubcard points)
All prices correct at time of post
They can also be found in Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, B&Q, Robert Days, Wilkinson and B&M although prices may vary.

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