Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Vidal Sassoon Salonist

I was recently chosen as one of the lucky Supersavvyme members to receive a free pack of Vidal Sassoon Salonist at home hair colourant in return for an honest review, so here it is!

I often get highlights in my hair which is why I opted for the 9/0 Light Neutral Blonde, hoping it was the right choice.

Inside my box I received:
1 Instruction/Tips leaflet
1 Tube of Colour Preserving Conditioner
1 Mixing bowl and brush
1 Pair of protective gloves
1 Tube of Rich Colour Cream
1 Bottle of Colour Activating Lotion
1 Sachet of VS Serum

I did complete the allergy test as per instructions but as I'm a wee bit impatient, I didn't bother to do the strand test and just ploughed straight in .......big mistake!!

Fortunately, the bottles are also numbered to make it that wee bit easier to know which to use. You simply take bottle 1 and tube 1 and mix them together in the bowl provided. This was slightly difficult as it resembled porridge and took quite a while to thoroughly mix in but I persisted as I didn't want to risk any clumps of block colour anywhere on my hair. You are advised to section your hair ready to apply the mixture which I managed without too much trouble. I didn't accept any help from my other half as I was curious to see how easy/hard it would be to colour my hair without help and I though it better for the purpose of this review.
Once the hair is sectioned, it's time to start applying the mixture beginning with the roots and hairline. Once you've used around 3/4 of the mixture, you're done and it's time to start the waiting game of around 20 minutes before moving onto the next stage. Unlike some hair colourants, this has a reasonably pleasant smell but it is a little overpowering so good ventilation is still essential.
After this time, take the serum labelled in tube 2 and add this to the 1/4 of the remaining mixture and mix in well. Now it's time to get stuck in there and apply all over the hair. Stick your gloved hand in the bowl and take a fair sized scoop of mixture then proceed to smooth this through the hair making sure you get it all. I personally found this part really difficult and rather fiddly as my hair was just sticking together making it very difficult to guarantee an even all over coverage. My hair is fairly long (mid-way down my back) and is extremely fine which is why I think I found this stage so hard. I did persevere until it was all covered and then started the waiting game again for next 10 minutes.
Within 2 minutes of me applying the first stage to my roots etc, I noticed the bright gingerness begin to appear and it really got me panicking! The longer I waited, the brighter the orangey colour became ....oh no!!

Now it was time for the moment of truth and to be perfectly honest, I was dreading taking the colour off and seeing what results I was left with. I saw the colour running down the plughole as I washed and as recommended, I used the Colour Preserving Conditioner which I have to say left my hair feeling gorgeous!
First impressions of wet hair were that it had definitely turned an awful ginger at my roots, but not as bad as I expected - then I dried it! The tears flowed and flowed as I wondered if I could ever show my face in public again and I had no way of fixing it as I can seldom afford to visit the hairdressers. I was left absolutely devastated to say the least.

My pics don't show the colour too well but I'm hoping you get a rough idea.

As a product, I really can't fault it as it delivered exactly what it said it would ...all over colour from root to tip and full grey coverage. The feel of my hair was absolutely gorgeous after using this product and it didn't feel harsh in the slightest. Would I recommend it? Yes! I can't blame the product for my impatience and as I passed samples onto friends, they were extremely happy with the results ...all used brown shades which they said left their hair feeling nourished and well looked after as well as a great colour!

Check out the Vidal Sassoon Salonist website for more info and insider tips!

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