Sunday, 28 June 2015

Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum with FREE CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate from My Pure

I was sent this product free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my own experience.

I'm getting old and so is my skin, there, I said it! Since I've noticed the odd wrinkle here and there as well as darkened patches of skin on my face, my confidence has been at an all time low. There's always so much pressure on women to stay looking younger that it's difficult to know where to start and which products actually work. When I noticed this Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum on the My Pure website, I couldn't wait to give it a try and see if there were any noticeable results. The added bonus is that it comes with a free bottle of CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate so you can also work on smoothing out the eye area with a dedicated product at no extra cost.

Both of these products have been expertly created to boost skins radiance and the CoQ10 helps combat dull, tired or dehydrated skin - perfect for my needs!

I applied to Eye Recovery Concentrate first and absolutely loved the instant refreshing feel I had around my eyes. There is a roller ball in the top of the bottle which makes it really easy to apply as it just gently glides over the skin ....

This only took a couple of minutes to dry and the fine lines were even finer after just the first use. I have continued my use of this product over the last 2 weeks and have to say that I'm really impressed with the results. The delicate eye area appears more plumped and the dark circles I usually have on a morning have gone completely making my eyes look more youthful and luminous.

The Booster Serum is also very easy to use. Simply apply a few drops to your fingertips (this is made easy as the bottle lid has a built in pippette), then gently pat them over your skin paying particular attention to any problem areas. Try not to rub, just gently pat so as not to drag the skin. This does have a pretty overpowering smell but it's not one that lingers for long so is definitely bearable.
The results of this serum can be seen after just one application. My face appeared smoother and my skin was nice and soft with no visible dry patches. The darker areas seemed to blend better making them far less noticeable than before and my skin felt refreshed and well nourished - a feeling which lasted all day!
I have used this twice daily for the last 2 weeks and again, I'm really impressed. although this is a serum, it doesn't leave the skin looking or feeling greasy and is perfectly fine to apply make-up afterwards.

If, like me, you have noticed the first signs of ageing and are looking for products which work well in combating this, then these are for you!

Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum with FREE CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate is available to buy form My Pure at a very reasonable price of £29.50

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