Thursday, 10 September 2015

Alva Sensitive BB Cream SPF20

I received Alva Sensitive BB Cream free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my own experience.

I'm a great lover of BB & CC creams because although I like a bit of coverage, I also like to keep it light and breathable and they give me the ability and confidence to do just that.
The packaging for this has been kept pretty simple and I really liked the design of the box. I found myself giving this a good shake before using and although it came out at a reasonable consistency, it did sound a bit runny when shook.

I always struggle knowing which shade to choose when it comes to products like this but it wasn't too difficult here as there were only 2 to choose from .....medium brown or light beige. I opted for the medium brown as it seemed to have less of a pinky tint and I hoped was the best match for my skin. I really don't like it when BB cream/foundation is applied heavily and leaves unsightly tide marks around the jawline so I try to get as close a colour match as is possible.

Although slightly blurred (sorry), you can hopefully see that this cream comes out looking pretty white least until you start rubbing it in!

Once rubbed in, it blends with your skins natural tone giving a good, even finish which is shine free. It blends easily and doesn't have any kind of a smell that I noticed. Despite it being lightweight, it still gives really good coverage and hides blemishes well, making the skin look even and giving a good base for any other make-up you wish to apply. I did apply moisturiser before use as my skin is really quite dry and this often results in the odd flaky patch of skin where foundation/BB creams seem to stick. Moisturiser helps alleviate this problem and gives a good base for applying the BB cream. My skin still felt breathable after application and didn't need to be reapplied at any point. It washed off easily at the end of the day which impressed me as some can take a while to remove! My skin can, on occasions, be sensitive but this was perfect. No irritation, no redness and no itching so all in all a really great product.

This cream covers 6 of the basics:
1. It moisturises
2. It's mattifying
3. It contains SPF20
4. It firms the skin
5. It corrects the complexion
6. It strengthens the skins immune system

I would highly recommend this product as it really does work ...and feels lovely on the skin too!

You can buy Alva Sensitive BB Cream in a 30ml tube for £30 which is slightly out of my usual price range, but I would happily splurge for special occasions or when finances aren't so tight. It is available from My Pure.

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