Tuesday, 1 September 2015

New Release: Burnt Secrets by Barbara A Martin

Book Information
Title: Burnt Secrets
Author: Barbara A. Martin
Series: Bodies Everywhere #2
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Genres: Clean Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Barbara A. Martin

Marge and Abby are once again "helping" law enforcement. This time the FBI, DEA and NCSBI are hunting down a drug smuggling cartel operating throughout Western North Carolina.​
Our dynamic duo cannot help but get involved when their ever increasing team of amateur sleuths, The Murder Club, discovers there are spies everywhere, even Mountain Springs Hospital where Marge and Abby work. Most alarming is the infiltration of certain law enforcement agencies. And these smugglers like to silence enemies by completely disposing of the bodies. ​
Once again strangers want to tip off Marge to what’s going on instead of telling the police. This results in Marge getting increasing grief from her nemesis, Special Agent Paul Froman. His description of her as a "human trouble magnet" infuriates Marge. What she doesn't realize is she's slowly melting his hardened heart with her honesty, intelligence, and spunk.


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Author Biography

Barbara A. Martin is an indie author of clean cozy mysteries. She owns FolksTalesThings.com where she promotes 'clean' indie authors' new book releases, trailers, artists, photographers, and arts & crafts. She is a voracious reader, mostly of mystery, historical fiction, and romance, and writes a weekly books' review blog at folkstalesthing.com.

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