Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Alva Creamy Collection Duo Eye Shadow from My Pure

I received Alva Creamy Collection Duo Eye Shadow in Smoky Black free of charge from My Pure. All opinions are my own.

I don't often wear eye shadow but had a few events to attend recently so thought I'd give it a try - especially when I spied this on the My Pure website. It's the first time I've ever tried what's described as a 'creamy' eye shadow as I usually use them in powder form. To be honest, it's the powder versions which tend to put me off as I can't help but end up with little particles of it down my cheeks and on the side of my nose which really isn't a good look. This creamy version had me curious and i absolutely loved the colours.

It comes complete with a double ended sponge applicator which is really soft and doesn't drag the skin like many cheaper versions.

It's a bit difficult to see from my picture, but this eye shadow has a really gorgeous sparkle to it and I was extremely impressed with the application. Although it looks like powder in the container, it really is creamy and glides on perfectly giving excellent coverage and most importantly, not leaving traces of powder anywhere! I didn't need to apply much to give a great effect and found it really easy to blend to achieve different looks. It also sparkles in the light which is perfect with Christmas and all those parties being so close!

I really can't rave about this enough! From the consistency to the overall effect, it is absolutely perfect and comes in some great colours so there's something to satisfy everyone.

You can purchase Alva Creamy Collection Duo Eye Shadow from My Pure at a cost of £10.41 (currently on offer saving £1.84 on full price of £12.25).

Available colours
Green Crush
Ocean Sky
Smoky Black

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