Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Jewellery Inspired Tattoos from Azzy London

You may remember a while ago I introduced you to some of the wonderful jewellery inspired tattoos from Azzy London (click here to jog your memory). I have now been lucky enough to receive a sample of these amazing tattoos in return for an honest review.

The tattoos arrived in a very attractive black cardboard envelope decorated in fancy gold writing but with a clear window so you can see what you've bought. I received some gorgeous white tattoos which are perfect for the winter season.

As you can see, there are various designs and they vary greatly in size so you can choose whichever takes your fancy. Once you've chosen your tattoo, follow the simple instructions which can be found on the back of the tattoo sheet .......

You simply cut out the one you want, decide where on your body you'd like to place it then apply the tattoo to your skin and wet the backing paper with a sponge before removing it, leaving behind a wonderful temporary tattoo which should last around 7 days, depending on your activities and use of body lotions etc.

I applied one to my finger and another to my inner wrist ....

For me, these were so simple to apply it was almost impossible to go wrong and the effect is really stunning! I did worry that the white wouldn't show too well on my pale skin, but as you can see, they show up perfectly and add that little 'something extra' to any outfit but without having to live with it forever .....although I'd be pretty happy to have either of these designs permanently!

Despite bathing daily and doing any amount of dishes, both tattoos still lasted between 5 and 7 days which I thought was pretty darn good!

These are ideal to add a little bit of glam to any outfit and with those Christmas parties soon to be underway, they're the perfect accessory. Take a wee look at the Azzy London website where you're sure to find something that takes your fancy.

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