Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Forever Living Products

I'm not sure how many of you will be familiar with the Forever Living brand, but they pride themselves on offering natural products made with Aloe Vera, which have known health and beauty benefits.

The range of products they provide include:
Nutritional Health Drinks
Personal Care
Skincare - Beauty & Skin Defence
Sports, Performance & Mobility
Weight Management
Animal & Home
Cosmetic & Beauty Products

I was lucky enough to receive a box of goodies to try over a 48 hour period in return for some honest opinions, of course I accepted!

In my sample box was a whole host of beauty goodies including face wash, shampoo/conditioner, face mask, various moisturisers, facial scrub, deodorant and toothpaste. I also received a few books containing information about the products and the prices, as well as a short questionnaire.

Here's a better look at the products......

Firstly, lets talk moisturisers. There were a few to try and as my skin can often feel irritated after bathing, these were the first to be tested. Each of the moisturisers did exactly as they should but as well as give my skin a much needed drink, they also soothed any itching and worked well over the drier areas like my knees, shins and elbows. One of the creams seemed to absorb straight into my skin which left me a bit unsure as to whether it was working, but a couple of hours later and I could feel the silky smoothness of it on my skin. The shampoo and conditioner left my hair super shiny and feeling really soft and clean. It was also tangle free which is always a bonus. The deodorant came in a nice chunky tube and despite my initial hesitation, smelled really nice indeed! The face mask has 2 parts which you mix together then apply to your skin with a brush. It comes out pink and again, smells really lovely. You have to follow the instructions and lie still without disturbance for around 30 mins while it does its thing. Be warned, if you even try to smile whilst this is on your face, you will struggle - it sets pretty rock hard but not uncomfortably so. I did struggle a little getting it all off but once I did, my skin had a new found freshness and felt more youthful. Even my dry skin seemed to diminish ...definitely worth the money for this one! I also loved the facial wash as it lathered up really well and felt nice upon application. It was easily rinsed and left my skin feeling clean as a whistle. Now then, down to the toothpaste. This was the most difficult to try as the thought of tasting Aloe Vera just didn't appeal at all - despite it claiming on the tube to have a minty taste! Eventually though, I relented and used it. Personally, I seriously struggled with the taste. There is a definite mintyness, but I felt that it was overpowered by the Aloe, however, it did do a really good job of cleaning my teeth - they felt squeaky clean afterwards.
All of the products come in really good sized bottles etc compared with similar on the market.

Check out some of the fantastic products available from Forever Living and if you're interested, get buying!!
If you're interested in a business opportunity in selling these products, please get in touch with the very lovely Natalie Swinbank via her Facebook page.

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