Monday, 7 September 2009

Parenting Worries

I am a born worrier and look at the down side of everything which is why i feel my kids lose out alot! I watch the news and hear of kids being abducted or beaten up by other kids and it chills me to the core making me want to wrap mine up in cotton wool - of course, this is neither practical or fair. My eldest, as you probalbly already know, is almost 15 now, yet rarely ventures out with her mates - and this is down to me! We have a very open, honest relationship, and she tells me the things her mates are getting up to like drinking, having sex, cutting themselves - i don't want my girl going down the same road, so i tend to say "no" to going out in the evenings with them. I do, however, allow her to travel to the metrocentre with them on a weekend. I am now beginning to feel like a "bad parent" for trying to protect her as the only way we learn is through our own mistakes! Don't get me wrong, it never causes arguments when i say "no" as i have explained how i feel and how much i love both my kids, but it doesn't make me feel any better.
I just wandered if anyone else experienced the same kind of feelings and if not, how do you get passed them??


  1. My boys are a lot younger than your daughter (they are 8months and 3) so not in a position to give you any advice but wanted to say you are not alone in your thinking. I am exactly the same i constantly worry about them being kidnapped, hurt, murdered i know its not healthy but i can't help it it just absolutely terrifies me the thought of anything happening to either one of them. If they should go out for the day with one of their grandparents and i try and phone or text and don't get through i'm an absolute wreck my imagination starts running away with me and i cant settle then until i hear from them. I really know that this sort of worrying is unreasonable and irrational but i just can't help it, so if nothing else not only has your blog cheered me up its made me realise i am not the only person like this! I give you all the credit you deserve because when my boys are teenagers i will not only be grey haired i will be the proud inventor of the teenage microchipping tracking device LOL part of me wishes i could microchip them though!!!! Please keep writing your fab blog if only to reassure me that i am normal!

  2. thankyou so much for your kind words - motherhood is alot harder than it looks! i think lots of mothers probably have these feelings, just i see alot of kids round my way who come and go as they choose and with very little discipline and i don't want my kids to end up the same - they are loved and treasured and i'm sure you're the same with your boys!


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