Tuesday 30 April 2013

Oil It with The Body Shop

Be body beautiful this summer with one key ingredient.....

For centuries natural oils have been used to nourish and revitalise skin. Rich with nutrients and excellent emollients, oils effortlessly penetrate deep into the skin for far-reaching results. The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians ensured oils were an essential part of their beauty regime, deeming it 'liquid-gold', and now you can rediscover one of the world's oldest forms of beauty with our specialised range of oils, created to suit every skin type.

For Blemishes: Tea Tree Oil (RRP £7.00)

Filled with antibacterial properties, our ultra soothing Tea Tree Oil is perfect for banishing blemishes. Watch imperfections disappear resulting in flawlessly clear skin.

For Face: Vitamin E Facial Oil (RRP £11.00)

Our anti-oxidant packed Vitamin E Oil not only moisturises and perfectly prepares the skin, it also protects from oxidative damage, leaving skin bright with dryness out of sight!

For Nails: Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil (RRP £5.25)

Containing sweet almond oil, this handy two-in-one pen softens the cuticles whilst taking care of damaged, dry or brittle nails. Simply add this to your regime for ultimate nail perfection!

For Skin and Hair: Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil (RRP £9.00)

This non-sticky, multi-tasking fragrant oil will leave skin and hair silky and shimmering. Smooth onto damp/wet skin for instant hydration. Creating a radiant glow from head to toe!

For Fragrance: Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil (RRP £7.00)

Long lasting and alcohol free, this concentrated perfume oil is a luxurious, oriental inspired fragrance consisting of floral and feminine undertones. Light and sensuous, this oil provides perfect summer scent!

Tuesday 23 April 2013


As regular readers of my blog will know, i've recently been trying new PosturePlast which helps alleviate lower back pain.

I've suffered lower back pain for the last 18 years ...since my first daughter was born, and despite trying several remedies, i'm yet to find something that makes a noticeable difference. When the opportunity came up to put PosturePlast to the test, I jumped at the chance.

Each PosturePlast comes individually wrapped for hygiene purposes...

1 PosturePlast in wrapper
There are a small amount of instructions on the packet with a diagram showing exactly where and how to apply the PosturePlast...

Instructions & Diagram
Once inside the wrapper, this is what you get .....

Easy pull apart to remove backing paper
On each of the 4 corners, there's an extra small bit of padding ....

Extra padded bits on corners
The PosturePlast is just like an over-sized, cross shaped plaster but it has hard plastic strips which run almost the length of it ....these are what helps give support where needed ....

Firm strips for support
For the purpose of this test, I did attempt to attach the PosturePlast myself just to see how easy/difficult it was. The hardest part was the positioning ....I had to judge by feel as I couldn't see, but once I had it in place, it was really easy to remove the backing paper, once sheet at a time. I then smoothed my hands over my back to ensure that it was all stuck in place with no worry of it peeling back.

Immediately, there was a noticeable difference in my posture. As with any normal day, I proceeded with my daily chores and couldn't help but notice how differently I moved. Even bending down was done in such a way that there was very little pressure on my back ....and it wasn't intentional either, you just can't help but adjust your movements.

I was quite surprised at how comfortable PosturePlast was to wear and there was no fear of it being seen through my clothes either ...another small worry of mine! I wore it for a whole day and it provided more than 24 hours of back relief.

The most difficult part was the removal afterwards! PosturePlast sticks really well so you have to kind of peel it off with care. There's no way i'd have allowed my other half the pleasure of removing it, so I did it myself and it was alot harder that putting it on. A bath/shower is highly recommended too as I went straight to bed and woke up the next morning with an almost black back where the fluff from my nightie had stuck in a cross shape on my back .....this really wasn't a good look!!

Overall I was really impressed with PosturePlast and felt that it really did make a difference. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and will certainly be continuing my use of them.

PosturePlast are available to buy from Boots.com and come in packs of 4 for £11.52 or packs of 10 for £23.20.

Don't forget to check out my previous post for details on how you can win a years supply of PosturePlast!

Monday 15 April 2013

WIN with PosturePlast

WIN a year's supply of PosturePlast Revolutionary new back pain relief

During any one year, up to a shocking 49% of us will experience back pain. Cue 'PosturePlast', a revolutionary new lower back pain support that treats 90% of lower back problems, delivers 48 hours pain relief and naturally improves your posture.

To celebrate the offiical launch of te product on Boots.com, PosturePlast is giving away a year's supply of product on their Facebook page to one lucky entrant (plus lots of runners up prizes).
Competition closes on 30 April 2013.

What's more, entrants referring up to two friends to the Facebook page automatically double their chances of winning. All entrants get 20% OFF product at Boots.com also!

How to enter:

1. Click here and like the PosturePlast Facebook page
2. Complete your contact details when prompted
3. Encourage your friends to the page and double your chances of winning
4. Finally, you'll be given exclusive access to the Boots website where you can get 20% OFF PosturePlast.


Competition Start Date - 3rd April 2013
Competition End Date  - 30th April 2013
All entries must be received by 11.59pm 30th April 2013

Prize for prize draw 1

1st Prize - A year's supply of PosturePlast (3x10 packs)
2nd Prize - 20x4 packs of PosturePlast

Keep a lookout for my upcoming review and good luck with the competition :)