Monday 29 June 2015

Bold 2in1 Pearls with Lavender and Chamomile

Being part of the savvy circle on the Supersavvyme website means that I get to try loads of new products free of charge in return for honest reviews.

The latest project was for Bold 2in1 Pearls with Lavender and Chamomile and as soon as I received my pack, it was the first thing I could smell.
I received a box containing 12 washes worth of pearls, a few samples to hand out to friends and some sheets for them to fill in, as well as some interesting insider knowledge tips.

Bold 2in1 Pearls store powerful agents in three separate compartments which are brought together during tje wash to give you:
1. A deep and purifying clean
2. The gorgeous, long-lasting scent of Lenor with the finest perfume oil and high efficiency microcapsules which release an invigorating scent each time you wear.
3. fibre agents which result in irresistible softness and long-lasting colour.

I'm never short of washing so set the machine off instantly. You simply place the little cushion .....

...directly into the drum, add your washing, set your washer, and off you go! These little gel filled pockets contain both detergent and softener so there's no need to add anything else to your wash saving both time and money.
I noticed the smell beginning to appear as the washer was in full swing and it smelled throughout the house making it a very calming environment ....ahhhhh.

Once the washer was finished, I opened the door and the smell hit me immediately. I personally love a strong smell on my washing and this didn't disappoint. I judge a detergent from start to finish of the wash, and I was slightly gutted that my washing didn't feel quite as soft as usual when wet. It smelled gorgeous but felt slightly stiff. Nonetheless, I pegged it out on the line and waited ....patiently! After a couple of hours, I ventured outside to check and again, the smell was unbelievably strong - which I loved! Now dried, my washing felt far softer and seemed to be a bit brighter in colour than normal. Above all, I was most impressed with the sheer whiteness of my whites - they were MUCH brighter than with my usual detergent and managed to remove stains that have been there for ages!

Now, although I really love strong smells, I've never been a huge fan of lavender, so after a while I did find it a little sickly and overpowering. If you like lavender then this really is for you as you can smell it on your clothes even when worn 2 weeks after washing! Despite tiring of the smell, I've personally never slept so well or felt as calm as I have since I started using them, so they're also having a positive impact on my well being!

Overall I loved the simplicity of use, the fact that no extra softener was needed and their amazing cleaning power so would definitely buy them again - only maybe try a different smell next time.

Chicago Town BBQ Pulled Pork Takeaway Pizza

Chicago Town  have always been one of my all time favourite 'cook at home' pizzas, so when I was lucky enough to receive a voucher entitling me to a FREE BBQ Pulled Pork pizza from their delicious Takeaway range, I quickly tottled off to find my local stockist!

I struggled to find this in the smaller supermarkets so had to venture slightly further afield - but it was definitely worth it!

The pizza itself comes with a nifty little round tray which is used to cook on - saving dishes and guaranteeing an even bake. I left it for the exact time stated and it came out spot on and looking tempting as hell  .....

As you can see, the edges have risen nicely and there's plenty of topping which you don't always get on frozen pizzas. The crust is stuffed with a bbq sauce and I have to say that I absolutely loved it!

I never fail! So keen am I to get the first bite that the inevitable happened - I burnt my tongue, lips & chin! I would say that it was a lesson well learned, but I know I'll do exactly the same next time.

Anyway, I was well impressed with the amount of topping on here and for me, there was just the right balance between the pulled pork, cheese and other ingredients. The dough was absolutely delicious and I had great fun watching it rise through the oven door while it was cooking - fascinating! My youngest daughter wasn't so keen but then she isn't too adventurous when it comes to trying new things. My oldest on the other hand was as bad as me and said that she definitely wanted me to buy these again in the future. We shared a pizza between the two of us and were pretty stuffed afterwards!

Overall I think these are simply delicious and as they are cooked with no fuss and no mess, they make meal time easy peasy. I haven't tried any of the others available in this range, but keep a lookout because it's only a matter of time ;)

Check out the Chicago Town Facebook page to stay up to date with all that's new and why not give 'em a follow on Twitter too, they're really very friendly!

Sunday 28 June 2015

Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum with FREE CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate from My Pure

I was sent this product free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my own experience.

I'm getting old and so is my skin, there, I said it! Since I've noticed the odd wrinkle here and there as well as darkened patches of skin on my face, my confidence has been at an all time low. There's always so much pressure on women to stay looking younger that it's difficult to know where to start and which products actually work. When I noticed this Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum on the My Pure website, I couldn't wait to give it a try and see if there were any noticeable results. The added bonus is that it comes with a free bottle of CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate so you can also work on smoothing out the eye area with a dedicated product at no extra cost.

Both of these products have been expertly created to boost skins radiance and the CoQ10 helps combat dull, tired or dehydrated skin - perfect for my needs!

I applied to Eye Recovery Concentrate first and absolutely loved the instant refreshing feel I had around my eyes. There is a roller ball in the top of the bottle which makes it really easy to apply as it just gently glides over the skin ....

This only took a couple of minutes to dry and the fine lines were even finer after just the first use. I have continued my use of this product over the last 2 weeks and have to say that I'm really impressed with the results. The delicate eye area appears more plumped and the dark circles I usually have on a morning have gone completely making my eyes look more youthful and luminous.

The Booster Serum is also very easy to use. Simply apply a few drops to your fingertips (this is made easy as the bottle lid has a built in pippette), then gently pat them over your skin paying particular attention to any problem areas. Try not to rub, just gently pat so as not to drag the skin. This does have a pretty overpowering smell but it's not one that lingers for long so is definitely bearable.
The results of this serum can be seen after just one application. My face appeared smoother and my skin was nice and soft with no visible dry patches. The darker areas seemed to blend better making them far less noticeable than before and my skin felt refreshed and well nourished - a feeling which lasted all day!
I have used this twice daily for the last 2 weeks and again, I'm really impressed. although this is a serum, it doesn't leave the skin looking or feeling greasy and is perfectly fine to apply make-up afterwards.

If, like me, you have noticed the first signs of ageing and are looking for products which work well in combating this, then these are for you!

Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum with FREE CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate is available to buy form My Pure at a very reasonable price of £29.50

Sunday 21 June 2015

Crece Pelo Treatment Mask from Dominican Hair Care

I received Crece Pelo Treatment Mask free of charge from Dominican Hair Care in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

This mask uses extracts from 15 different plants to improve texture, strength and shine as well as encouraging hair growth. Crece Pelo means hair growth in Spanish, and it is the first ever phytotherapeutic treatment in the Caribbean.

Every woman wants great hair but sometimes that can be difficult to achieve, especially if you regularly use hair dryers, straighteners, curlers etc - like me! My hair is very fine so I often use styling products to help control the fly-away strands but this often results in my hair lacking volume and looking dull. When I read about the Crece Pelo Treatment Mask, I thought this would be the perfect remedy for my damaged hair.

The mask comes in a large tub which has plenty of room to get your hand in and is white in colour. It's not as thick as it looks but still has a good consistency and is easily applied. First, shampoo hair as normal, then when rinsed, smooth the treatment mask through hair from root to tip. I found that massaging it into my scalp worked well too. Once your hair is covered, you are recommended to leave it in for around 15 minutes before rinsing. After 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly and breathe in that gorgeous smell - it really is lovely!
Once rinsed, my hair actually felt pretty soft and my brush glided through with ease. I didn't bother using any other products but dried my hair with the hair dryer then straightened as normal...

It's a bit difficult to see from my pic due to the poor quality of my camera, but my hair had a lovely lustrous shine to it after use to the point that even my other half noticed and that's saying something! The usual problem I have with static was non-existent and my hair was definitely more manageable than normal. Above all else, it smelled absolutely gorgeous - it was the first thing I could smell when I awoke the next morning.

Overall I really loved this product and would definitely continue to purchase it in the future.

Check out the Dominican Hair Care website for more great products.

Saturday 13 June 2015

Monoi Oil & Perfume from Yves Rocher

I was sent two products free of charge from Yves Rocher, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

The Monoi range of products came highly recommended to me when I was trying to decide what to review, so this is what I opted for and it didn't take long to see why they were so popular!

Monoi Traditional Tiare Oil

This is a multi purpose oil which smells absolutely gorgeous! It is rich in Monoi de Tahiti which helps protect the skin from dryness and is fantastic at enhancing and prolonging your tan. It can also be used on hair to leave it feeling soft and supple.
Firstly I decided to use it on my hair as it suffered pretty badly during the winter months and I don't really take as much care of it as I should. Now, I couldn't find any instructions for use regarding applying it to my hair so I just improvised.  first, I wet my hair then poured a a small amount of the oil into my palm and rubbed them together. I began to massage the oil into my scalp and smoothed it down the length of my hair until I felt I had covered everywhere. This didn't take much oil, mainly because I was a little worried in case my hair came out looking greasy afterwards. I have to say that this process was one of the best I've experienced, mainly due to the exotic smell of the oil - it took me to paradise! Once the oil was applied, I shampooed my hair as normal and applied a small amount of conditioner - this is a must for me as I have fine fly-away hair which can be quite unruly.
Even after a thorough clean, the smell of the oil was still really strong but this pleased me no end as it's a smell I adore and gave me an air of confidence. I dried my hair using the hairdryer then straightened it as usual and WOW, it looked so amazingly shiny and was uber soft to touch. I couldn't help but go running into my daughers' room screaming at them both to sniff and feel my hair and the feedback I got was 'when can I use it, it's lush?'.
Surprisingly for me, I still managed a full 2 days before having to wash my hair again and each time I swooshed my hair, that glorious smell of a tropical holiday came flooding back.

When used as a body oil, it was very easy to apply and spread really well. My body/legs felt well nourished, highly moisturised and had a really healthy glow which I couldn't wait to show off. Adding a few drops to bath water creates a really luxurious bath and leaves your skin soft and smelling deliciously fresh.

Monoi Eau des Vahines

This is one of the most delightful perfumes I have ever smelled and it has a really exotic feel to it like you've just been transported to a luxury Caribbean Island. You get a really decent squirt with each press and just a small amount sprayed on wrists and neck is enough to last all day. Personally I also like to give a couple of sprays above my head then stand under so it showers me. I used this in the mornings and could still smell it when I went to bed at night, it's that good! I usually find that the less a perfume costs, the quicker the smell disappears, but this really isn't the case with this. I don't usually turn heads but I noticed many noses twitching as I swooned past in the local supermarket and I have to say, I felt pretty damn good about myself! My confidence seemed to go through the roof and all because I knew I knew I smelled good. I even had a couple of women stop me and ask what it was I was wearing and when I told them, they were amazed ...especially when I relayed the price to them too!

Both of these products impressed me no end and were extremely fitting for this time of year. They are suitable for everyday use and due to the quality, a little goes a long way.

Both products are available from Yves Rocher:
Monoi Traditional Tiare Oil currently costs £5.95 for a 100ml bottle.
Monoi Eau des Vahines currently costs £13.50 for a 100ml spray.
(All prices correct at time of post)

Friday 5 June 2015

Bling up your nails!!

Anyone who knows me, follows my blog or regularly reads my posts will know how much I absolutely love nail colour and experimenting with it ...despite not being anywhere near an expert! I recently visited the Metrocentre and couldn't help but drift into Primark where I found this fab bright pink nail polish for either 60p or 80p - an absolute bargain and in such a great colour. The nail decals shown above I spotted in Claire's Accessories. They were on one shelf marked up at £3.50 but then I spied these ones on a 'Special Offer' shelf for only £1.50 and couldn't resist.

Ignoring the rough edges, I have to say that the nail polish seriously impressed me. It has a 60 second drying time so you can apply a second coat almost immediately (it definitely needs 2 coats for a decent finish). The colour is nice and strong and has a lovely shine to it.

I only used a couple of the decals because I wanted to keep it nice and simple but they were so easy to use that it actually surprised me! Simply wait until your nail polish is dry, decide where you're wanting to place your decal, remove it from the backing sheet and stick in place. Give it a gentle rub over to make sure it's well stuck and hey presto, instant glam! I've had a few nice comments when out and about so it was definitely worth the effort - not that it took much. lol

Despite being so cheap, I've been wearing this polish for the last 4 days and it's only just beginning to chip off around the nail edge - and that's despite my overload of dish washing. One of the small diamantes fell off a decal but apart from that, they have stayed putt and lasted well.

Cheap as chips and a great way to bling up nails!

Organyc Cotton Pleats & Intimate Wash

I was recently sent some Organyc products free of charge, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

As indicated by the name, Organyc offer a wide range of organic natural feminine care products including sanitary protection, maternity wear and beauty and baby care, all made using organic cotton wool offering exceptional softness. You can rest assured that Organyc products are also free from Parabens, Synthetic ingredients, Perfumes or Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP).

For the purpose of this review, I chose Cotton Pleats and Intimate Wash as these were both relevant to me and something I use regularly, although different brands.

Firstly, it's the Cotton Pleats which come in a 100g pack, and are 100% organic.

As you can see, this has a a nifty drawstring top to keep the cotton pleats free from dirt and dust. I often find with this type of fastening that the strings break, but this is really sturdy and strong which is a bonus for me.
I'm not sure what anyone else thinks, but when I read 'organic', I often think that it's not going to be quite as soft as your average cotton wool but I'm pleased to say that I have been proven so wrong with this product. I regularly use shops own brand cotton pleats/balls for applying creams and removing make-up and I'd actually say that this is softer than a few of the ones I have tried. It's easy to pull of the right amount and although it is really soft, it's also incredibly strong! I also know that I'm being extra kind to my skin when using this so it's a hit all round for me.

The Intimate Wash comes in a 250ml bottle and has a pump action lid. Simply twist to open, pump out required amount then twist again to close. 
I often find that using soap for more intimate areas can cause irritation, so I regularly use intimate hygiene washes instead as they tend to work in harmony with the bodies natural oils. This particular wash is safe for use by both men and women which makes it a bit different to others I've tried as most are catered specifically for women. 
This comes out in the form of a clear liquid which isn't overly runny ...slightly gel like. It does have a very slight 'plant like' smell but nothing overpowering and I only noticed it for a few seconds. The wash contains organic calendula & chamomile extract as well as aloe vera and cornflower to cool and soothe the skin. I have used this daily with no irritation or unwanted smells and love how fresh and clean I feel afterwards. It lathers up well and 1 pump provides enough for a thorough wash.

Overall I would highly recommend both of these products as they're kind to your skin, natural and really work!

Organyc Cotton Pleats cost £2.99 for a 100g pack
Organyc Intimate Wash costs £6.95 for a 250ml bottle

There are loads of other great products available too so please click here to check them out.