Monday 16 April 2012

Skin Heroes from Montagne Jeunesse

I recently noticed Montagne Jeunesse asking for reviewers to try their new Skin Heroes range over on twitter so of course, I didn't hesitate in offering my services.

Within a week I was sent the 5 products in the range to review..

The new Skin Heroes Range
Montagne Jeunesse pride themselves on the fact that all their skin care products are made using natural ingredients meaning that not only were no animals harmed during the making of them, but they're suitable for vegetarians too!

As I mentioned earlier, there are 5 products available, each one suitable for tackling common skin care problems. I decided to review each one individually, the first being the 'Dry Skin Mask'.

Skin Heroes - Dry Skin Mask
 I often suffer from terribly dry skin on my face and smother myself in moisturiser daily in order to provide some comfort. I've never used a mask specifically targeted to my skin type so was curious if this could succeed where many other products fail.

The mask comes in a single sachet which is cleverly divided into 2 sections:
Step 1: This is the actual face mask to be applied to cleansed skin and left for 15-20 mins before rinsing
Step 2: This is a moisturiser for use after the face mask to help calm and soothe the skin

This particular mask is made using Raspberry, Blueberry and Red Grape which are high in antioxidents and admittedly, smell divine!
I found it slightly easier seperating the step1 and 2 before I began - there's a crimped line across the sachet enabling you to cut along without damaging or mixing anything.
When squeezed into the hand, the mask is a nice texture ...a bit like whipped cream only with slightly more consistency and it's really easy to apply. Simply smooth over your face and neck then leave for 15-20 mins before rinsing off.
There is definitely enough in the sachet to give a good, all over coverage (I spread it over my face and down my neck) and after a few minutes, you can feel it begin to harden.
After waiting for 20 minutes, it was time to rinse off the mask! It took a little while to remove it all but once done, my skin felt quite refreshed and hydrated. I applied the moisturiser and couldn't believe the difference! Not only was my skin much smoother than usual, but it had no tightness, smelled gorgeous and I couldn't find any dry patches at all .....WOW!!

All in all I was really impressed with this mask and will definitely continue to use them.

Montagne Jeunesse new Skin Heroes range are available at a cost of £1.49 per sachet and can now be bought in Asda. You can check out more information about the whole range here and in particular, the Dry Skin Mask.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Winner of the Chic Lace Wonderbra is....

My competition to celebrate National Cleavage Day has now come to an end, and a whopping 151 of you entered for your chance to win a gorgeous Chic Lace Wonderbra in white ......i'd like to say a huge thankyou to you all.
Unfortuantely there can only be one winner, and that lucky person is......

                                                                   TRACY K NIXON

Congratulations Tracy and I hope you enjoy your prize!!

Please could you email me at with your address and size details so that I can pass them on to the PR company. The bra is available in the following sizes: 32-36 A, 32-38 B C D, 30-38 DD E F G.