Friday 13 September 2019

Mål Paper Daily Goal Setter Review

I was recently sent this gorgeous Daily Goal Setter from Mål Paper free of charge, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

This really is a journal like no other! It comes in either black, grey or pink (as shown above), so is perfectly suitable for both men and women alike. It has a beautifully textured, quality hardback cover with the words 'daily goal setter' laid out in gold. The pages are also really lovely to write on, and thick enough so that the ink doesn't go through. I love how simple they've kept the design, yet still managed to add style and sophistication. The addition of the two divider ribbons is also really helpful, as most only come with one.

The name Mål, which is pronounced "mo-l" means 'goal' in Swedish, and we all have many goals which we strive to achieve on a daily basis. That's where this helpful planner comes into action. Not only can you jot down your plans etc, but throughout the journal are little motivational quotes to help keep you going...

I really love how the pages are laid out and that it's undated, so you can use it at your leisure without worrying that it won't be any good the following year(s) - something I always find such a waste with regular planners!
The first part has a few helpful hints on what you may like to include, which I found really useful, then you have a few pages to include any long term goals you may have, followed by both monthly and weekly review pages, all undated!
The 'Daily Tasks' section is my favourite. Each page starts by providing space for '3 things to be grateful for', followed by a 'daily affirmation', then a nice space for 'todays tasks/notes'. Right at the bottom is space to jot down 'great things that happened today' and then scale of 1 - 10 so you can 'rate your day'. I found that this really gave me food for thought and made me think more about my days in general and how I spend them.

If you're looking for a planner that has space for all your needs and isn't restricted by dates, then this is definitely the one for you! It would also make a really lovely gift for that someone special as it's such good quality.
For more information or to order your own Daily Goal Setter, then head to Mål Paper