Sunday 30 November 2014

Police The Crease! Wrinkle Corrector by Laidbare from My Pure

I was sent Police The Crease! Wrinkle Corrector by Laidbare from My Pure free of charge, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my own experience.

Product Description....
"Enriched with Seaweed extract known to help to reduce wrinkle depth and enhance skin appearance. The Laidbare secret to stopping time in its tracks is Hibiscus extract, a 'natural botox plant' both anti-ageing and targeting skin tone."

This wrinkle corrector comes in a handy tube and the cream is easily dispensed simply by squeezing. Some creams are too thick to come out without sheer brute force, but this comes out easily and at a nice consistency. A small amount (about the size of a 5p) is sufficient to get a good coverage and it glides on really easily.

I could feel an immediate improvement in the dryness of my skin and the wrinkles seemed to plump a little making them far less visible. There was no greasy after-feel and my skin only had a slight sheen left on it which appeared more as a youthful, healthy glow .....also noted by my other half which is always good!
When paired with the Guess My Age Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Cream, this really does work wonders and provides long-lasting results. I used both products twice daily and have been amazed by the difference they have made, both to my skin, and to my confidence.

As there are no harmful ingredients, it's kind to your skin and to the environment. I suffer from slightly sensitive skin which often flares up depending on the products I use, but this didn't cause any irritation at all and was very soothing when applied immediately after washing.

If you're looking to get your skin in tip-top condition for those Christmas parties, then look no further than this! It's fast working and provides great results!

Police The Crease! Wrinkle Corrector by Laidbare, is available to buy from My Pure at a cost of £12.99 for a 50ml tube.

Guess My Age Anti-ageing Treatment Cream by Laidbare from My Pure

I was sent Guess My Age Anti-ageing Treatment Cream by Laidbare, free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my own experience.

I have to admit that it was the name of this product which caught my attention as I thought it quite fun. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I am beginning to worry about the signs of ageing and aim to prolong them for as long as I can. I have a few fine lines around my eyes and forehead which are probably more obvious to me than others, but nonetheless, they do give me a bit of a complex. I'm not brave or rich enough to opt for surgery so to me, creams are the next best thing.

The product description says:
"This amazingly effective new anti-ageing treatment is enriched with Active Prodejine which works to strengthen the bonds between the skin layers to create a lifted effect, resulting in smoother, younger looking skin.The formulation is a must for all ages, whether you are just starting to detect the first few lines, or whether you have deeper, more established wrinkles. Exotic Passion Flower Oil is an active ingredient in this treatment, known for its powerful anti-ageing properties. Rich in Potassium and bursting with Vitamins A, B and C, this anti-wrinkle cream is essential for maintaining healthy, dewy and youthful-looking skin."

Free from all nasties

This cream has a really lovely consistency and feels quite luxurious when applied to the skin. You don't really need much to achieve a good coverage as it glides on with ease. I could immediately feel and see the effect the cream had on my skin. My skin felt slightly plumped with a really healthy glow and the fine lines almost disappeared. The slightly deeper wrinkles were still visible, although not nearly as much as before the cream was applied. This does have a slight smell which isn't exactly unpleasant, but there is something underlying which I wasn't keen on, however the smell didn't linger on my skin for too long so wasn't really a problem. I used this both in the morning and in the evening over a period of about 2 weeks and noticed a significant improvement in my skins texture. It is well nourished and has a more youthful appearance. I also found this to be a good make-up base as it allowed my foundation to spread with ease and eliminated the patches of dry skin which I often suffer from.

Overall I would highly recommend this as it does exactly what it claims ...reduces wrinkles!

Guess My Age Anti-ageing Treatment Cream by Laidbare is available to buy from My Pure at a cost of £7.99 for a 50ml pot.

Saturday 15 November 2014

GLORIOUS! Foods launched in Tesco

An exclusive range of GLORIOUS! Foods products have recently been launched exclusively in Tesco. I was lucky enough to be sent a selection free of charge, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I received 4 soups from the SkinnyLicious Soup range in the following flavours .....

Mexican Sol - A bright and fresh crushed tomato and fire-roasted pepper soup that's low in fat. We've added some nachos and a squeeze of freshly squeezed lime juice, but it also comes with a dollop of mariachi music and sipping margaritas in the sun. 

More Bangalore - A rich yet low in fat toor daal and chickpea soup mixed with tasty garam masala, curry leaves and sweet mango chutney that takes us back to a morning of blowing on hot coffee in Tiffin rooms and an afternoon of being covered head to toe in a carnival of vibrant colour.

Starry Thai Sky - A deliciously smooth pumpkin and coconut cream soup that's less than 1% fat. Marrying sweet carrot, coriander, fragrant ginger with a dash of watching the sun rise on an endless beach after a night of dancing with fire swingers under a full moon.

Sun-Kissed in Sicily - A buono, rustic and zingy pomodoro tomato and balsamic soup that you wouldn't believe is low fat. Made with roast garlic, fennel, clouds of Dancing Starlings at sunset and a splash of watching the surf crash on black volcanic beaches. 

Now for the taste testing ....

I'm quite a fussy eater and in all honesty, if I read this soup in my local supermarket, I'd probably put it back and look for something else as the ingredients don't really appeal to me. I do however love the way the soup is described! Despite it not appealing, I did in fact give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. Each pot contains enough for 2 people and can either be heated on the hob, or in the microwave. I tried on the hob with this one. As soon as I opened the pot I could pick out the tomato and roasted pepper actually smelled quite appealing! It only took around 5 mins or so to heat as it specifies not to boil as this ruins the flavour. This is a really homely tasting soup which is sure to warm the cockles on those cold winter nights. Each of the flavours shone through creating a delicious soup which is low in fat and healthy too.
Mexican Sol contains 84 calories and 2.4g of fat per 300g serving.

Despite being fussy, I was actually dying to give this one a go as to me, it sounded so appealing and tasty. I was also curious to see how the flavours went together. Again I heated on the hob (mainly because my microwave isn't the greatest), and the smell eminating from my kitchen was indeed Glorious! The consistency was just right and the contrast in ingredients made this extremely tasty. Both myself and my oldest daughter really loved this one and would definitely buy it again.
More Bangalore contains 147 calories and 4.2g of fat per 300g serving.

This is the one I was least looking forward to ...mainly because I've never tasted Pumpkin before! There is a really pungent smell to this soup but it isn't an unpleasant one. The ginger could be detected immediately as it helped give it a bit of a kick but I wasn't especially keen on the flavour. My daughter however quite enjoyed it but not as much as the others as she thought it seemed a little overpowering.
Starry Thai Sky contains 96 calories and 4.2g of fat per 300g serving.

This is the only one I decided to heat in the microwave ...just for review purposes! The instructions state remove the lid and just rest on top, then place in the microwave for 5 mins, stirring half way through. I love this idea as there's no mess and and no pans to clean afterwards ....perfect! Again, the tomato really shines through and you get the slightest hint of garlic. I was really impressed with the strength of flavour in this and again, the consistency was spot on. I class this as quite a hearty meal which left me feeling satisfied and full but not overly bloated. My daughter particularly liked this one and said that I must buy it again for her.
Sun-Kissed in Sicily contains 90 calories and 3.0g of fat per 300g serving.

Each pot costs £2.20 (price correct at time of post).

GLORIOUS! Foods make a wide range of soups to cater for all tastes and ages. Why not take a look at their website for some inspiration and to explore the amazing flavours available.
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