Thursday 29 December 2011

Myleene Klass Nails

Ever wanted perfectly polished nails with very little effort?

Well now you can with Myleene Klass Nails!
These easy to use adhesive nail wraps are the answer to all your prayers. Available in 16 different designs, each pack comes with 24 adhesive nail wraps and a nail file...everything you need for perfect nails in no time!

I was recently sent 2 packs to review from JML ...

Inside each pack you'll find a strip with the 24 nail wraps, and a nail file as shown below...

I decided to try the blue ones as it just happens to be my favourite colour!

To use, simply find the size which best fits your finger, carefully peel it away from the backing sheet and place the curved edge against your cuticle. Make sure you have it lined up with you nail and proceed to smooth flat against the nail surface. The excess can be folded over the edge of the nail, then simply filed off.

I am sorry about the picture quality, but my phone which has the camera I normally use is broken, so i've had to resort to a very old phone for the pics!
I'm hoping you get the idea though. The results really are quite amazing. For the first time, I didn't have any nail varnish around the edges of my fingers (something I find hard to avoid lol), no brush strokes and a perfect even colour on every nail (something else I find hard to achieve with nail polish)!

These nail wraps need no drying time and give perfect results every time.

Although the nail wraps are meant to last for a few days, I personally found that mine began to peel overnight...only slightly though, but I did need to re-apply so it's a good job the pack came with spares!
Careful if you do any dishes too, as they didn't take too well to the water and began to peel.

Overall these are perfect for stunning party nails in a hurry as you really can't make a mistake with them, although I wouldn't rely on them to last longer than a day without needing to re-apply a few!

Myleene Klass Nails are available from JML at a cost of £19.99 which includes 5 packs of nail designs.

Thursday 22 December 2011

Festive Fruit Loaf from Bakestone

Just in time for the festive season, Bakestone have introduced the new Festive Fruit Loaf. Boasting a tasty combination of ingredients including currants, orange and lemon peel and cinnamon, this is definately worth adding to your shopping list!

The Bakestone Festive Fruit Loaf has been developed by Bakestone in collaboration with the baker's tasting panel 'The Bakers Dozen', a carefully selected mix of experts including celebrities, bloggers and food journalists.

I was recently sent some of this to try and as always, wasted no time getting stuck in. 

My partner was the first to try, and he smothered it in butter...the fact that he went back for more told me all I needed to know!
As I don't like butter/marg, I tried a slice dry. The loaf was nice and soft with just the right moistness, and it sliced easily without tearing. The amount of fruit and flavouring was just right and they complimented each other perfectly, making for a very tasty treat indeed. 
After trying dry, I tried a slice with a thin spread of Lemon Curd which in my opinion, was absolutely delicious and went really well with the festive loaf.
My kids were pretty impressed too and loved it whether it be buttered, plain, toasted or untoasted!

Available from B&M stores, and for only 99p you really can't go wrong!

For more information visit You can also 'like' Bakestone Bread on Facebook or follow Mr Bakestone on twitter.

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Wonderbra's Ultimate Plunge Style Challenge

How does a dream shopping experience with non other than Lydia Bright, well known fashionista and owner of the fabulous vintage clothes store Bella Sorella sound?

Wonderbra have launched a new campaign for the Ultimate Plunge Bra and want YOU to be part of it. Check out this video of Lydia Bright taking the ultimate plunge.

As part of their 'Ultimate Plunge Style Challenge', Wonderbra are giving you and a friend the opportunity to have the night of your life with their amazing new competition!!

Prize includes:

  • Private car from London to Essex
  • Shopping experience with Lydia Bright at Bella Sorella in Essex
  • Choose your ultimate plunge look from Bella Sorella, which you both get to keep
  • Private car back to the hotel in London
  • Bottle of champagne in room on arrival
  • A complete hair and make-up makeover by stylists
  • Return executive transfers from the hotel to the club
  • Paparazzi to make you feel like stars on arrival at the club
  • VIP entrance at the club
  • A VIP table for the entire evening
  • A bottle of vodka and mixer to get the party started
  • Overnight stay in a luxurious 4* hotel in Central London
  • Breakfast
  • Free Ultimate Plunge bra per person to keep
Entry couldn't be easier, just head on over to the Wonderbra UK Facebook page and click to enter....feel free to share this competition with your friends too, after all, if they win, you may just be their lucky friend!!
Competition runs till the 30th December 2011 and is open to anyone in the UK who is over the age of 18. One winner, and a friend, will be drawn each week.

It only takes a few seconds to enter but the memory, if you win will last a lifetime! 
Good Luck!! 

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Blush

I've always been a little sceptical about trying 'dry shampoo' as I just couldn't get my head round how it could possibly work, but after hearing so much about Batiste, I decided to give it a go!

Although it's not badly priced (around £3 for a 200ml bottle), I opted for the smaller 50ml bottle which cost around £1.50 from Boots...just in case I didn't like it.

As with all things smelly, I like to have a little sniff before using, and I have to say that this has a gorgeous floral, feminine smell which I absolutely loved! It's not too overpowering either.

I waited until my hair was looking a little worse for other words, I got up ready to take the kids to school, looked in the mirror and realised my hair was greasier than a chip pan and with no time to wash it! I'm sure you've all been there before and wished for a quick fix...well here it is.
I preceeded to spray it all over my hair starting from the roots not really expecting to see any difference, how wrong was I??
Within 5 minutes, my hair not only looked acceptable, but clean too and the gorgeous smell made me feel like I had a fresh head of hair...fabulous!!

I found this to be really lightweight, easy to use and very effective, so for that, I would highly recommend it. Never again will I be caught out with 'not enough time to wash my hair', i'll simply just reach for the Batiste and all will be well.

The small bottle is also an ideal size to fit in your handbag!

Friday 2 December 2011

New Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch - Review

I was recently sent some of this New Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch to review.....just what I needed for the weather we've been having lately!!

When I took the lid off, immediately I could smell the original Vimto but also a mixture of other ingredients which sent my senses into overdrive. The strongest of the smells was probably the aromatic cloves but I definately detected the cinnamon too.

Now for the taste test....
As per the directions, I poured a small amount into my cup and boiled the kettle. I personally prefer this kind of drink when the kettle is hot, but not quite fully boiled, which is exactly what I did.
The second I poured in the hot water, I could smell the far the strongest of the smells I felt, although you can also pick out a few others too.
The careful blend of ingredients mean that as soon as you take a drink, you get an instant warming feeling throughout your body. I was a little bunged up at the time and found it to be quite comforting...the aromatic smells even helping me to breathe a little easier!!
I don't think I could drink alot of this as it's quite rich in flavour, but is ideal for the cold winter nights which lie ahead.
My kids were slightly put off by the smell (the bit that I liked), and they weren't too impressed with the taste either which I pretty much expected, although my oldest did say that she didn't find it too bad but she couldn't manage alot of it.
I'd definately say that Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch was more of a drink for the adults....and a great mixer for those of you who like a non-alcoholic Christmas Punch!

New Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch is available from most Tesco stores at a cost of £1.89 for a 725ml bottle. Try it for yourself!!

Check out the Vimto Facebook page for more info on this and other Vimto products.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Sudocrem - Name The Moose!

I'm sure you're already familiar with the Sudocrem brand....well now they have taken things to the next level and set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter so everyone can get involved.
A new mystery product is expected to hit the shelves in spring 2012, and to celebrate, Sudocrem are running a fantastic competition to 'Name the mystery products mascot Moose'!

As you can see, he's a friendly looking fella, but the name Sudocrem Moose isn't very appealing, so it's up to YOU to give him a good name!

The person who comes up with the winning name will receive £500 worth of Toys R Us vouchers AND a homemade personalised Santa Sack worth £150! Best of all, the winner will be drawn in time for Christmas.

Entering this fabulous comp couldn't be easier, just head across to the Sudocrem Facebook page and enter your suggested name for the mascot moose.

Comp starts: 18th November 2011 12:00am (GMT)
Comp Ends: 17th December 2011 06.00pm (GMT)
Winner Picked: 19th December 2011 and prizes sent out soon after.
(above info as per their facebook page)

This is definately one comp not to be missed! If you can't think of a name yourself, why not ask your kids to join in...i'm sure they'll come up with a worthy entry!
Good luck to all who enter x

Monday 21 November 2011

New Vimto Hot Mulled Berry Punch

Fantastic news everyone, Vimto have brought out a fabulous new Limited Edition Christmas Drink called 'Hot Mulled Berry Punch'.
(Shhhh) It's made with a secret recipe  which apart from containing the usual Vimto flavour that we all know and love, also contains aromatic cloves, warming cinnamon and sweet nutmeg to pack a seasonal punch.

Simply add hot water to provide a warming non-alcoholic drink, or if you prefer a little tipple, add it as a mixer to create a nice winter cocktail! Either way, it's sure to get your taste buds going as well as warm the cockles.

The new Hot Mulled Berry Punch is available exclusively at Tesco stores throughout the UK and comes in 725ml bottles at a cost of £1.89 each!
Best of all, it's available from today!!

So if you fancy trying something new, why not give this a go! I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

For more information about this product and all things Vimto, why not head on over to their facebook page...there's loads going on over there so it's definately worth a look!!

Saturday 19 November 2011

Mantis Competition Winners

Thankyou so much for all your entries into my Mantis Instant Shine & Micorfibre Cloths Competition. I can now reveal the lucky winners as chosen using
Although there were 38 comments, 1 of these was a duplicate entry so I only counted their first entry...hence why I entered a Max of 37 on rather than 38! (just in case you were wondering). Each entry was given a number from 1 to 37 ie first person to enter was number 1, second person number 2 etc etc...

The first number chosen by was...

After counting down, I see that number 8 is MunchKim .....Congratulations!!

The second number chosen by was...

Counting down again, I see that number 29 is Anonymous - Sarah....Congratulations!!

Very well done to you both. If you could please email your addresses to i'll get them passed onto the PR company who will get your prizes sent out.
Many thanks and keep a lookout for more competitions coming soon! xx

Thursday 3 November 2011

New Christmas Tubes from Swizzels Matlow

These are the new Christmas Tubes from Swizzels Matlow and I was recently lucky enough to be sent some for review.

Each tube contains 120g of family favourites Refreshers, Love Hearts or Drumsticks and they come in handy bags which are pretty easy to open so you can get straight in there!

I was like a big kid when I opened these and wasn't sure where to start, so I opted for a Drumstick lolly first.

These are the original flavour of Raspberry and Milk and contain no artificial colours...perfect! Personally, these aren't my faves but then I don't like milk so maybe thats why. I did however still try them and I have to say, they are pretty tasty with a good strength of flavour. The chewiness was just right and it came off the stick relatively easy too....always a bonus!

Next, I tried the Love Hearts which come in handy small packs containing 7 sweets...

Ever since I was a child, I have loved these sweets! Each has their own little message so you can choose which friend is more deserving, or use it as a hint to that boy you've always fancied but been too scared to ask out! Either way, theres great fun to be had with these and they taste absolutely gorgeous. Slightly powdery in texture, they dissolve quite easily in the mouth and the flavour runs throughout the sweet making them one of my faves.

Finally, I tried the Refreshers. I saved these for last as I knew once i'd had one, i'd fancy another, and another...

These small Refresher bars have a chewy lemon outer which conceals a very pleasant sherbet centre. The combination of the two is just heavenly. You do have to be a little careful as some of the sherbet tries to escape from the end, but once it's safely in your mouth you can just sit back, chew and enjoy!

I think you'll agree that these tubes look extremely eye-catching and would be ideal for kids (big and small) as Christmas stocking fillers....and at a very reasonable £1.00 each, they're definately worth it!! Drumsticks and Refreshers are available from Tesco and you can buy all 3 from Asda.

Thursday 27 October 2011

Mantis Instant Shine & Microfibre Cloths Review and Giveaway - COMPETITION CLOSED!!

I was recently sent some Mantis Instant Shine and Mantis Microfibre Towels from JML for review. These claim to be a new innovation for washing cars where you no longer need a bucket of water and a sponge...yes, you heard me right, no water!!

The instructions are very simple, just spray the Mantis Instant Shine on your car, clean with the Mantis Applicator Towel then change to the Mantis Buffer towel to achieve a high shine.  Sounds simple enough, now for the test!

This is a close up of the back of my car before using the Mantis products...pretty dull and dirty. The spray was extremely easy to use, although I wouldn't recommend using it if it's windy outside as not much hits the car. I followed the instructions and found it seemed pretty effortless and provided results I could see...

Although it's a little difficult to tell from these pics, there was a definate difference in both the cleanliness and the shine on my car...very impressive!

This was the dirt removed from just one small section on the back hatch...I didn't realise it was quite so dirty until I saw this lol

Due to it being a sunny day when I decided to clean the car, and the fact that it's silver, my pics don't really do  the product justice! In the above pic, the left hand side of the boot is cleaned and polished while the right remains dirty.

The Mantis Spray contains high lubricity polymers which latch onto the dirt and lift it away from the surface, while the gloss boosters give a superb shine and a resistant coating which will keep your bodywork look fab and sparkling. 
The Mantis Instant Shine is available for a price of £9.99 and the Mantis Microbibre Towels cost £4.99 and I'd say you'd manage a few car washes out of one bottle as it's quite sparing.

Now that you've read my review, JML have very kindly offered 2 prizes, each consisting of 1 bottle of Mantis Instant Shine and 1 pack of Mantis Microfibre Towels for my lovely readers.
Entry for this great comp couldn't be easier....
1. Like the Mantis facebook page here (this step is mandatory)
2. Come back and leave a comment telling me you've completed step 1 (if you already 'like' the Mantis FB page, all is not lost, just leave a comment telling me you already 'like' and you wish to enter)
3. Don't forget to leave some way for me to contact you, twitter names are ideal if you have one or failing that, please make sure to check back to see if you've been lucky!
4. Please feel free to share this competition using the 'share' buttons below....this step is not mandatory but would be greatly appreciated.

1. Competition is open to the UK only
2. Steps 1 and 2 above MUST be completed or your entry won't count!
3. Competition closes on 18th November 2011 at 12 midnight (GMT) and a winner chosen soon after.

Crippen by John Boyne

From the day Hawley Crippen was born, his mother instilled in him the importance of following God and doing Gods' work. The strictness of his daily life, meant that one day, he was sure to rebel.

Much to his mother's annoyance, Hawley grew up wanting nothing more than to become a doctor....something his mother was strongly against as she believed that if God made people ill, it was for a reason and therefore was not to be treated by medicine.

Hawley eventually broke free from his mothers' clutches and set out to live his life. Searching for a job in his chosen profession proved difficult as he never managed to study medicine or gain any qualifications. His only knowledge came from library books and the weekly copies of Scientific American which he'd kept hidden under his mattress from his mothers prying eyes.

The fascination begins when a Mr John Robinson and his 17 year old son, Edmund board The Montrose along with many other passengers including the somewhat overpowering Mrs Antonia Drake and her daughter Victoria (who was used to getting exactly what she wanted), Martha Hayes who is off to start a new life in Canada, Matthieu Zela, the wealthy businessman who now had the task of looking after his 14 year old nephew, Tom DuMarque after his parents had died.....a troublesome task to say the least! Many events occur onboard the Montrose....all of which will leave you guessing whats going to happen next, and chances are, you'll be wrong! All is not quite as it seems with some of the passengers, who seem to be hiding their own, dark secrets.

A gruesome murder, inquisitive friends and  a few suspicious characters  make this one of the most interesting books i've read in a while. Each time I thought I had it sussed, another surprise was thrown in, keeping me guessing until almost the very end. Admittedly, there were a couple of times when I almost put this book down as I found it a little difficult to get into, but i'm so glad I persevered!!

Extremely well written and in such a way that you'll find yourself wanting to continue, wanting to get to the end and wanting to know the truth!! I'd certainly be happy to recommend this book, it's quite in depth but allows you to get to know the characters and feel their emotions which I loved.

This is my 3rd review as part of the Transworld Book Group.

Saturday 1 October 2011

Teacher, Teacher! by Jack Sheffield

This is the second book I received from Transworld as part of the Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge.

Teacher, Teacher! is an intriguing insight into the life of a small village school during one acedemic year. Ragley School is situated in North Yorkshire and when the post of headmaster comes up, Jack Sheffield has no hesitation in applying, and is respectfully offered the job.
This book is written in the first person and although not my normal kind of reading material, I have to say I did rather enjoy it. Due to it being based around such a small school, you quickly become familiar with the characters and are able to empathize with them. As in all schools, kids vary both in looks and behaviour as proven in this book. There are those who are fluent readers and writers and those who can barely read a word and whose language is colourful to say the least, but that all adds to the simple humour causing me to laugh out loud on many occasions.....drew a few strange looks from the neighbours when I was reading it in the garden!

It's not until you read a book like this that you realise just how much work is involved in being Head of a school. Jack Sheffield manages extrememly well considering what he's up against. A broken down boiler during winter, irate parents, school plays, a singing caretaker, a school log and an unexpected position in the Ragley Cricket Club all combine to make this a great light-hearted read.

All in all I found this really enjoyable, although I did struggle with the dialogue a little as it was written in Yorkshire eg "Well, ah'll go t'foot of our stairs! An' what y'doing dragging young Mr Sheffield down 'ere t'look at y'blessed carrots" (as quoted from book).....took a bit of getting my head round I can tell ya!
I found myself having to say them out loud but soon got the hang of it.

Full of laughs and short tales, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a light read as it doesn't make your head tick too much but is very enjoyable.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

The Colour of Death by Michael Cordy

My first book for review from the Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge is The Colour of Death by Michael Cordy. The second I opened the parcel containing this book I was filled with excitement as I love books with a dark twist and this sounded like it had just that. The cover I also found very appealing as it has an air of mystery to it making me want to open it and venture into its pages.

A group of young girls are rescued from Russian sex trafficers by what they describe as 'their angel'. It was discovered that the 'angel' in question was a young girl herself, who had no recollection of who she was or why she was there...let alone how she knew that the people behind those walls were in danger!
Due to her amnesia, local authorites named her 'Jane Doe' and she was assigned to psychiatrist Dr Nathan Fox after he seemed to be the only one she would connect with.
Nathan discovers that Jane Doe has a rare form of synaethesia and believes that this could hold the key to helping her regain her memory.
Whilst she was under Nathan's care, a couple of murders had taken place in the small town which seemed to be somehow linked to Jane Doe...but how? Who was she and where had she come from and why was someone seemingly out to kill her?
Eventually it's time for Jane to leave the confines of Tranquil Waters and head back to where it appeared she belonged....but things aren't always as they seem!

This book had me gripped from beginning to end and is written in such a way that it draws you into the story and makes you 'feel' for the though you're taking the journey with them. It also gave me great insight into the beliefs of others and a certain amount of knowledge about 'chakras' and the 'sixth sense'.
This is the first book i've read of Michael Cordy's and I have to say, it certainly won't be the last! Gripping and tense with unexpected twists and turns, this is a definate 'must read'!!

Monday 15 August 2011

I’m part of the Transworld Book Group!

I am ovet the moon to say that I have just received confirmation to say that I have been included in the Transworld Book indicated by the new logo over on the right there...pretty isn't it! :)

I first heard about this from my friend Kim after asking her if she had any ideas on what I could review on my blog. She told me about the Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge and pointed me in the direction of her blog Munchy's Place for more info.....I promptly did so. 

I discovered that this was a very interesting challenge. Running from August till October 2011, Transworld send you books in return for reviews on Amazon and your own blog. You get to choose 4 titles from the 15 available (I found this really difficult as they all sound great), they'll send you the first one out, then once you've read and reviewed it, they'll send you the next and so on...easy peasy!

If you'd like to become a part of this group or find out more information, click here. I just commented showing my interest, then sat back and waited. After a few days I received my confirmation email.
Please be patient, i'm sure you can imagine theres quite a bit of interest in this so it may take them time to reply and you must apply by the end of August 2011 to be included.

Good luck and I look forward to reviewing my first book soon :)

Saturday 13 August 2011

Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturising Day Cream

Next up for review is Nivea Pure & Naturals moisturising day cream.

Pure & Naturals is a new range of products intorduced by Nivea where up to 95% of ingredients used are of natural origin and free from parabens, silicones, colourants or mineral oils! It's defiantely a range worth looking out for and trying for yourself.

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and have really noticed a difference in how my skin looks and feels. The cream itself is just a nice consistency so that when you apply, it smoothes over the skin effortlessly and it only takes a small amount to achieve good coverage of face and neck. Immediately after application, I felt absolutely wonderful! Not only did my skin feel instantly moisturised, but the lovely delicate smell really lifted my spirits.

My skin is usually pretty dry and many creams just seem to irritate it...especially those that are perfumed. This however, soothed my skin after washing (which always makes it feel tight), toned down the redness, moisturised in just the right places and had a non greasy after feel. Ticks all the boxes for me, and best still is that it's gentle enough to used daily, and the longer i've used it, the more luminous my skin has become.

This definately features high on my 'must-have' beauty list as I can't fault it in any way. I look forward to trying many other products in the range too so stay posted :)

I was not requested to do this review and it is based entirely upon my own's not to say that yours will be the same so please bare this in mind.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Jergens Ultra Hydrating Intensive Body Moisturiser

I have tried many Jergens Body Moisturisers and would be hard pushed to name my favourite as they all leave my skin feeling luxuriously soft....and they all smell totally fab too!!

I was recently lucky enough to receive this tube of the new Jergens Ultra Hydrating Intensive Body Moisturiser for Extra Dry Skin after applying through their facebook page.

I'm sure you can all guess (if you've read previous posts) what the first thing I did was after receiving it......yep, you got it! I immediately opened it and had a sniff and as i'd expected, it was irrisistably gorgeous.

I decided to have a nice soak in the bath before actually applying the cream - no surprises there either then lol Once I felt clean and refreshed, I dried myself and began to apply the moisturiser. I squirted a small amount into my palm, rubbed my hands together, then began to apply it from my legs upwards (not a necessary way to apply, just my preferred). I have to say that a little stretches a really long way. With most moisturisers, it doesn't take long for them to absorb into my skin, often leaving it feeling dry after just a few hours. Results that last ALL day is what I want, and that's exactly what I got. Immediately after application, my skin felt and looked soft, supple and moisturised....and it smelt bloody gorgeous!! The key ingredients in this moisturiser are Jojoba oil, Avacado and Olive oil, all of which are know for nourishing and rejeuvenating the skin. For me, applying it wasn't a chore at all but an absolute pleasure and even my partner (bless him) noticed how soft my skin looked and felt.....he said it had a 'glow' about it, and although he moans about the smell of most creams I own, he said he actually really liked this one and that I should use it more often....RESULT in more ways than one!!

If you suffer from really dry skin, and long to find a cream that gives lasting moisture whilst not irritating the skin, then look no further. For more info about Jergens check out their website there's something there to suit everyone and all at affordable prices too.

The above review is based upon my own opinion, please bear in mind that you own may differ.

Thursday 4 August 2011

Jamaica Ginger Cake

Mmmm....just hearing the words 'Jamaica Ginger Cake' is enough to make my mouth water, shame that by the time i'm writing this, both the above cakes are erm....gone!! lol

Anyway, this was a VERY lucky win from the Official Jamaica Ginger Cake facebook page....many thanks to them for my prize getting here in one piece, even if it didn't last long!!

From being a small child, my mam has bought ginger cake, and not just any old ginger cake would do, oh no, it had to be Jamaica Ginger Cake. Now that i'm in my adult life with kids of my own, I can totally see why. Although I have tried variations, I always come back to this timeless classic with it's seductivly soft texture and that ginger aroma which hits you the second it's opened....heavenly! As far as I can see, there may be cheap variations out there, but there's no denying who gets it right....EVERY time!

I've passed my love of this fabulous cake down to my kids and they totally agree with me - hence how 1 of the cakes was already gone before I got the pic taken...gotta be quicker next time lol

Well, if you're a fan of ginger and love cake, then this is for you. It's baked to perfection using just the right blend of ingredients and isn't too dry either...go on, treat yourself, you know you want to! ;)

This review is based upon my own opinion and I was not asked to review this product. I reviewed it simply because I love it and wanted to share (my thoughts, not the cake) ;)

Dettol Healthy Touch Hand Hygiene Gel

I was recently lucky enough to receive this after entering a giveaway on the Lemsip facebook page. As you can see, it's a handy 50ml bottle of Healthy Touch Hand Hygiene Gel made by Dettol and as with all Dettol products, it kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses....great!

I squirted a small amount into my hand (a thumbnail size is recommended) and rubbed it in well. It took less than 20 seconds to completely dry on my hands and the lemony smell was absolutely gorgeous.....clean and fresh. There's no need for water or a towel, just rub in and you're done.

I've now stuck my small bottle in the car as it will come in very handy when i'm out with the kids,
I'd certainly recommend this and will definately be buying more when that bottle runs out, however it may take a while as a little goes such a long way! :)

All opinions written here are my own and you may not necessarily share the same view....please bare this in mind!

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Rimmel London Vinyl Max Lip Gloss

This was my latest mission from Rimmel London , and boy, was I excited about this!! Apart from mascara's, lip glosses are my next fave (and must have) beauty item! ordinary lip gloss here m'aam, Rimmel boast that this is ther most 'voluptuous' wand ever for full coverage in just one stroke resulting in a high gloss shine. It also contains a plumping formula with a magnifying complex to volumize and smooth lips whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles giving your lips that much wanted fuller' plumper lip look.
Here's a pic of the super wand they mention

My pic really doesn't show just how incredibly large the wand is, but it really does take just one swoop over each lip and you're done...with fantastic results too!

Apologies for the slight 'pout' but hey, I felt so good wearing this, I just couldn't help myself! The colour i'm wearing is 211 DESIRE and personally, I think it's absolutely gorgeous!! My lips were instantly transformed looking fuller which in turn, bossted my confidence no end! The high gloss finish really is amazing, and it lasts through a good few cuppas and meals without needing to be constantly reapplied.
As with most Rimmel London products, the Vinyl Max Lip Gloss is available in 6 fantastic shades, each one guaranteed to make you look and feel superb!

This is one of my new beauty essentials...I would shout it from the rooftops how good I think this is without any hesitation at all, however this review, as with all my reviews, is based upon my own personal opinion and your own may differ.

Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day to Night Mascara

Another mission received from Rimmel London ......and you all know how much I love to review mascara!!

As you can see, I received some Glam'Eyes Day to Night Mascara in Jet Black. It's also available in Brown Black and costs around £5.99 (depending on where you buy).

I have to say that the claims which came with this mascara made it sound so appealing.....I began to wonder why nobody had thought of it before! Two different looks for lashes, in One mascara tube? Surely not. But yes, it is!! The innvoative idea uses a double cap system so you can choose the 'length' cap for ultra lengthened lashes, or the 'volume' cap for that fabulous night time look boosting the fullness of your lashes by up to 15 times!

All sounds good so for the test!

Okay, in this pic, my left eye (your right) was done using the 'length' cap and my right eye (your left), was done using the 'volume' cap. Personally, I found that although I loved the nice, cleancut result of the 'length' cap, I found that when I used the 'volume' cap, the mascara was too thick and it clumped. My eye also felt claggy for a good 10 minutes after good if you're in a hurry!

My other problem was the 'dual' system ie inserting the 'length' cap back into the 'volume' cap. I found this to be a really messy job and ended up covered in mascara...especially so the more times I used it!

The pic above doesn't really show it too well, but hopefully enough to see what I mean!

So, would I buy this?
Well, although Rimmel London are one of my all time fave cosmetics brands, i'd have to say "no". This is the first mascara from them in a long time that i've tried, and not really liked...sorry!
I'm always asked to give honest opinions on here and that's exactly what this is.....MY honest opinion, however as we are all individuals, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll think the same - you may love it!!

Thursday 16 June 2011

Bakestone Bread

I've been sent some delicious bread products from Bakestone (feel free to check out their website) in return for a review
Little bit of info...
Bakestone are a company based in the North of England and was created over 30 years ago by Manchester born baker Howard Hunter. It still operates as a family run company. Bakestone make tasty treats such as bread, rolls, potato cakes, scones, lush fruitfuls, muffins and barms to name but a few...all of which are made from only the finest ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives! They supply local convenience stores and Aldi shops throughout the North West and have recently started selling in the North East too, including Newcastle (which pleases me no end) keep a lookout!
What I was sent....

In the box are (from left to right)
Pack of Oven Bottom Muffins
Pack of Potato Cakes
Pack of Fruited Scones
Pack of Lush Fruitfuls
Loaf of Medium Sliced Wholemeal Bread (Extra Long)

As you can see, that's quite a collection...yummy!

Oven Bottom Muffins

I'll be perfectly honest here, i'd never tried oven bottom muffins until I tried these, so had absolutely no idea what to expect. Each one was, for me, baked to perfection...the colour was neither too dark nor too light. I tried these with a little jam on as I don't like butter (my other half buttered his, hence the pic) and I have to say, they were really rather tasty! The texture was very light so they didn't lie too heavy and they had quite a distinct taste too...delicious!
Potato Cakes

Again, this wasn't a product I was familiar with, but i'm all for trying new things! This though was so new to me, that I didn't even know how to eat it or what with!! I tried it warmed but on it's own first and yummy.....I could see that I was gonna enjoy the rest of my taste testing. You can taste the potato but it's not too overpowering, and it's certrainly a bit different to toast or bread. Next, I decided to try them with scrambled eggs and a dollop of sauce. I loved them. Not only are they very tasty, but they are so versatile too...even my kids were impressed!
Fruited Scones

These are what I made a beeline for...I absolutely adore fruit scones! The scone half on the left was mine (butterless) and the other half was my man's (buttered) and his definately looked the most appealing - they'd be gorgeous with a dollop of clotted cream! I certainly wasn't disappointed, they were nicely baked and had a real fruitiness to them. To top it off, they melted lovely in your mouth. There was just the right amount of fruit and again, they were cooked to perfection. I sometimes find scones a little dry, but these were perfect and not under/overcooked.
Lush Fruitfuls
These are just like teacakes, and the best way I find to eat teacakes is, yes, you've guessed it...toasted and covered in jam! For review purposes, I did however try one without anything on it...just plain, and that left me stuck in two minds as to whether I actually wanted a toasted one, or just another plain one. Either way, I wanted more!! Full of flavour, nice consistency and delicious whether plain, jammed or toasted...the choice is yours, but i'd definately recommend these.
Wholemeal Medium Sliced Bread (Long Loaf)
Fabulous! I go through bread like it's nobody's business, so the idea of a 'Long Loaf' really appeals to me. My household don't usually eat anything other than white bread, but due to this review, we made an exception(at least some of us did anyway). Like many things, we were split straight down the middle with my youngest and other half both refusing to even try "because it's brown bread". My olest and myself however, couldn't wait to try it. No surprise that my first slice was just dried bread...what better way to test it? Admittedly, i'm not a huge fan of brown bread, but I actually found this to be really tasty. My only complaint would be that I prefer thick bread as oppose to medium sliced, but both are available so that's not a problem. Toasted, this was very tasty indeed. Accompanied with a smidgen of butter and, although not to everybody's taste, a healthy spreading of Marmite, this quickly became my new daytime snack, and it's healthy too!! My oldest daughter has asked if we can continue buying brown bread, so a thumbs up from her too!

More Information
If you want to know anything more about the above products or the company, please check out the Bakestone website.
You can also find them on facebook  Bakestone Bread - why not pop along and 'like' their page, or if you prefer, you can follow on twitter @Mrbakestone

Although I received the above products free of charge in return for a review, all opinions given are my own, and since we're not all the same, your own may differ!

Saturday 11 June 2011

Winner of Calling all Vimto fans competition is...

Sorry for the slight delay in announcing the winner of this fabulous competition. My sister got married yesterday, so although the competition ended then, I didn't draw the winner until today.

Thankyou so much for all the really has been my post popular competition yet! In total there were 114 of you trying to get your hands on these delicious goodies, but unfortunately I could only enter 110 as the last 4 were after the closing time of 10am....sorry, but fairs fair!

Anyway, each comment was given a number from 1 to 110, in order of how the comments appeared ie 1st to comment was number1, second person number 2 and so on. I then used to select my winner....
As you can see, the number 14 was chosen and which means that the winner is @littleboo_21!

Congratulations!! I notice you're on twitter (i'm following you now) so if you could please DM me your address details, i'll pass them on to Vimto to arrange delivery of your prize! Well done again and thankyou to everyone else for entering....better luck next time :)

Thursday 2 June 2011

Calling all Vimto fans!!! - COMPETITION CLOSED

Splats, sunshine and some Seriously Mixed up Fruit. Yes, it’s the launch of the new Vimto ad!

It’s the story of three fruits on a mission to get themselves seriously mixed up at whatever cost. A tale of friendship, drama and lots of delicious fruity mess coming to your TV screens soon!!!

As an extra special treat for Sassy's World readers, you can check it out now exclusively on Vimto’s Facebook page
Simply ‘like’ the page to get access to exclusive Vimto news, freebies, competitions and general brilliance.

And that's not all....
To celebrate the launch of this splattastic new ad we are giving you the chance to win a massive fruity bundle of yummy Vimto goodies. Check out this fantastic prize below...


I know, I's a flippin fab prize and i'm sure you're all wondering how you can get your hands on it!! Well wonder no more because here's what you need to do:
1. Leave a comment telling me why you should win this super prize and be sure to leave a way for me to contact you (twitter names are a big help if you're on there)
Feel free to share this comp too....the more the merrier! ;)
Competition is open to UK only
Only 1 entry per person
Comp will close on Friday 10th June at 10.00am and the winner announced soon after on my blog, twitter and facebook.

Saturday 28 May 2011

New Ribena Sparkling

I'm sure many of you are fans of Ribena, I know I am! It's the one drink that was bought for me as a child when I was feeling ill. Made with real blackcurrants and containing vitamin C, it was perfect for helping me on the road to recovery and when I had a cold, that's when it came hot.....mmmmm!
Anyway, I recently received a couple of bottles of New Ribena Sparkling to try. They come in traditional Blackcurrant and a new flavour that has been added to the range....Raspberry!!

I received 2 of each bottle after contacting Ribena via their Twitter page. If you're on twitter, pop along and give 'em a follow.
Anyway, since I already know how much I love Blacurrant Ribena, I went with the safe option and tried this first. As expected, it had the same great taste but with added fizz which gave it a really nice kick. My kids didn't need asking twice, they were straight in there...greedy monkeys! It took a good 10 minutes of 'kid chasing' to get it back too, so a double thumbs up from them! My other half is a little more fussy when it comes to fizzy drinks, especially since he loves still Ribena, and being a little set in his ways, he was reluctant to try it at first, but blimey, when he did he almost guzzled the lot!! YEY....10 out of 10 all round for this one.
Next to try was the new Raspberry flavour. This had mixed reactions in our house with us divided straight down the middle. I personally, love raspberry flavoured things but was slightly unsure about trying it in drink form. I needn't have worried, it tasted absolutely gorgeous. You could certainly pick out the distinct raspberry flavour and it tickled the tastebuds perfectly. I found this to be extremely refreshing and pleasing to drink...especially when chilled. My oldest daughter said that she loved the fruitiness of it but my youngest wasn't so keen. My partner, who doesn't like raspberry anyway, also decided that it wasn't for him.

I guess it's all down to personal taste on this one. If you love fruity drinks with an extra kick, then New Ribena Sparkling could be just what you're looking for and for that 'little bit of something different' i'd opt for the Raspberry flavour!

Friday 27 May 2011

And The Winner Is........

Thankyou to everyone who entered my little Fab giveaway, I loved reading your suggestions for ice lolly flavours and really hope that companies look at my blog and take notice.....i'd definately buy them!
Anyway, there can only be one winner and the winner is.....
@hails84_2009 with her tasty suggestion of smoothie frozen-orange, mango, banana and pineapple.... sounds deliciously refreshing!
Congratulations! Since you left your email, i'll be in touch for your address details :)

Please keep visiting my blog as I have a fantastic new competition coming up soon! x

Wednesday 11 May 2011

New Limited Edition Apple & Blackcurrant Fab - COMP NOW CLOSED

Recently I was (again) lucky enough to be sent a few goodies from Fab Ice Lolly on twitter. My pack included a Fab bag, badges and a couple of £2 vouchers so that I could purchase the new Limited Edition Apple and Blackcurrant ice lollies...
I absolutely love the bright pink on this bag!! Anyway, back to business, I tottled off to my local Asda yesterday in search of these new lollies and found them without any trouble at all. I can't remember the exact price, but they were definately under £2 and that's for a box of 8!

The first thing I noticed was the fact that they are free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and they also contain real fruit...a huge bonus in my opinion. As with everything I get to review, I couldn't wait to try them.....nor could my kids!!

The wrappers (if you're interested) are eye catching and brightly coloured, my kids thought they looked quite fun and cheery and there's certainly no mistaking that they're Fab!
Mmmmm now how tasty and appealing does that look? Yip, just what I thought too (I couldn't resist a nibble before I took the pic), it looks so tasty and refreshing, i'm almost dribbling as I write this review and they've all been eaten! Aaargh!!
Anyway, these certainly lived up to my expectations. First your met with the delightful taste of chocolate and sugar strands which really compliment each other....I like to bite this off a little at a time rather than chomping straight through the lolly. When I did actually take a bite, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the blackcurrant and apple flavouring was made to perfection and the taste didn't fade either - ie when you suck the flavour out of most lollies turn white, this one didn't as the flavour ran throughout. Since yesterday was pretty hot and stuffy, I also found them to be extremely refreshing...they really tickled the taste buds and quenched my thirst as well as cooled me down. My partner and kids also said that they really enjoyed them and once again, they've been added to my ever growing shopping list!
Your Chance To Win
Okey dokey, now that i've had a chance to try them, I thought i'd give one of you lovely lot the opportunity to try them too. It's only a small giveaway so don't get too excited, but i'm sure many of you wouldn't mind trying these for free!! The prize consists of that superb pink Fab bag, a badge and a £2 voucher (see the first pic above). In order for you to get lucky, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what your perfect flavour ice lolly would be...simple! Don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you ie twitter name/email. Please feel free to spread the word via twitter or facebook (links are below this post). Thanks for reading and good luck :)
Comp Rules
1. Sorry but this comp is open to the UK only
2. Only 1 entry per person, duplicates will be disqualified so you have been warned!
3. Comp ends on Friday 27th May (plenty time) and prize will be posted out soon after
4. As always I will post the name of the winner on my blog, twitter and facebook