Sunday 31 May 2015

Vintage FNUG Natural Nail Polish from My Pure

I received a bottle of FNUG Natural Nail Polish free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

FNUG natural nail polishes are fast becoming one of my favourite brands. Not only are they hard-wearing and easy to apply, but the ever expanding range of colours keeps them exciting and modern.
I have tried a few of these polishes now, and each one has impressed me with the depth of colour which can be achieved with only one coat. Some will require two coats, but that's pretty much dependent on the colour of choice.

For this review, I chose the Vintage nail polish as I really love dark colours and find they can look classy on any length of nails ...which is great as mine are struggling to get any length at the minute!

Now, I have mentioned before that I am far from being an expert at applying nail polish so I do apologize for these looking a bit slap dash! I did take my time but often find that the darker the shade, the more mess I tend to make. The main problem I had, was that I chose a reasonably warm day to paint my nails and as I'm not the quickest, it was drying faster than I could apply it which is why some areas appear darker than others. I really love the 'cherry red' colour of the lighter parts, but I equally love the darker shade which is what I was trying to achieve. The brush is a lovely size and covers around half of my larger nails with one swoop, but as I went back to re-dip, the varnish had already partially dried resulting in the slightly streaky effect. I did give it a second coat and tidy up the edges, but by this point I had nail polish up my arms and everywhere so forgot to take some pics!

Never one to give up, I removed all the polish and proceeded to try again - this time on a cooler day! Success!! The colour glided on lovely and after only one coat, I was satisfied that I had the perfect colour ....

It's a bit difficult to see by my pic (I'm not a photographer either), but one coat provided a gorgeously deep burgundy colour which was uber shiny and extremely flattering.
My daughters were also huge fans of this colour so think this may be one I'll have to hide!
Although FNUG nail polishes are chip resistant, I still only manage to get a few days wear before having to remove and reapply, but this is more down to the amount of dishes and household chores I end up doing rather than the polish not being much good. My daughters lasted for just over a week before they noticed any signs of chipping so it's definitely dependent on lifestyle. My nails always feel stronger and more conditioned during and after using FNUG, due to the added silica and vitamins.

Another gorgeous colour which will flatter nails of any length!

FNUG Natural Nail Polish in Vintage, is available to buy from My Pure at a cost of £12.00 for an 8.5ml bottle.

Thursday 28 May 2015

Fantastic Offers from Yves Rocher

Summer is almost here and if your anything like me, it's the time of year when you start looking for some amazing products to help your skin glow with a new found radiance and perfumes which are capable of turning heads. Well, look no further because Yves Rocher have some absolutely fantastic offers available right now with around 45 products costing no more than £5!! They really know how to save the day. Get yourself over and take a look at some of the amazing bargains like this gorgeous Raspberry Lip Balm which is now only £2 ...... also comes in Cherry, Coconut, Vanilla, Shea, Strawberry and Macadamia flavours so there's something to satisfy even the most awkward of people ....myself included! 
Being a bit of a nail polish fan, I also noticed these on offer for just £3.30 which is amazing value ....

There are creams, shower gels and various other products which are all waiting to be snapped up and all at exceptionally great value.

If you like changing your perfume with your mood, then look no further as Yves Rocher have up to 50% off selected fragrances and not only that, but you get this amazing Summer Tote completely free, simply add to your basket at the checkout .....

Now there's an offer you really can't refuse! I've been having a look through all the perfume offers and would have absolutely no problem spending a whole heap of cash, the only problem would be deciding what to choose as there's so much available - decisions, decisions! There are some which I'd love purely for the bottle ...

Eau de Toilette Flowerparty 30ml £12.00
Le Parfum Comme Une Evidence 30ml £24.50
Simply Irresistible 30ml £14.90
and I'm sure they smell gorgeous too. If you aren't looking for yourself, then why not grab some goodies now for upcoming birthdays etc, I'm sure your loved ones would be over the moon to receive such gorgeous products and you never know, they might even return the favour some day ;)

Of course you don't just have to stick to the offers as Yves Rocher provide a wide range of beauty products and all are exceptional quality and reasonably priced anyway. Add a little bit of luxury to your make-up bag and do come back and share what you've treated yourself to, I love hearing from you!

Friday 22 May 2015

FNUG Trendsetter Nail Polish from My Pure


I received a bottle of FNUG Natural Nail Polish in Trendsetter free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my own experience.

I am a HUGE fan of nail polishes and love nothing more than experimenting with various colours and designs - this isn't to say that I'm any good when it comes to the art of nail painting as it generally resembles something a 3 year old would achieve! However, I do like to try.

I have tried the FNUG range of nail polishes before and remain as impressed as ever. The pots are an ideal size and show the colour of the polish clearly. The polish itself comes out thick enough to give a reasonable coat, but not too thick that it looks gloopy or takes ages drying. I found that after around a minute, my nails were touchably dry and able to withstand a second coat. The brush is one of the best I've used as it has a decent width which manages to cover most of the nail in one fell swoop. My baby fingernails are quite small so I did worry that the brush may be a wee bit big but it managed no problem swipe and it was job done!

After 1 coat
The above pic shows my nails after just one coat and although the coverage is pretty decent, you can still see a bit of transparency through the nails, especially my middle finger. For this reason, I decided to give them two coats .......

After 2 coats
My nails were loaded with colour and I really love the high gloss finish which was achieved after two coats. the nail polish did begin to chip slightly after around 3-4 days, but I do a lot of dishes which is never a good thing when trying to stay chip free! It did last longer than some of the other brands I have tried, and because it is a natural product with added vitamins, I knew my nails were being nourished at the same time.
Although the polish looks pretty blue in the pics, it does have a slight hint of purple to it. Unfortunately, no matter which angle I placed the camera at or where in my house I stood, I just couldn't pick up on it.

FNUG Natural Nail Polish in Trendsetter is available to buy from My Pure and currently on offer costing £10.80 for an 8.5ml bottle. (All prices correct at time of post. Normal price £12.00)
There are plenty other colours to choose from so go on, spoil yourself!!
I would definitely recommend this product as it lasts for ages and a little goes a really long way!
About FNUG:
FNUG polishes contain strengthening silica and vitamin A, D, E, and B.
They also contain caviar to bring your nails the benefit of the high content of nutritious essential amino acids and minerals found in the micro eggs.
FNUG Nail Polish does NOT contain Formaldehyde, Toulene or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).
A chip-resistant polish that not only looks good but conditions the nails.

Monday 11 May 2015

Power Foam Roller available from

Box (front)

Box (back)

I received the Power Foam Roller by PurePower free of charge, in return for an honest review. All opinions are based upon my own experience.

I regularly suffer severe knots in my shoulders and upper back, so thought that this may help alleviate the pain as well as being useful as a pre-workout warm-up.
A short time after I placed my order, I received an email explaining how to claim my free e-book. I followed the instructions and was able to download my e-book quickly and easily to my pc. Before I had even received the Power Foam Roller, I was able to read up on it and get myself familiar with the recommended uses. This came in very handy when my package arrived a few days later as I already had an idea of how to use it to its best advantage. The e-book not only describes in detail how to use it, but also comes with handy pictures so you can be sure you're using it correctly.

The roller itself has a sturdy bright green, plastic, hollow internal tube which is covered in a durable foam ....

Hollow inner tube

Sturdy foam covering

The foam itself isn't exactly soft, but you can push it in with your finger and it has 'bumpy' areas for maximum impact ....

'Bumpy' parts

More 'bumpy' parts

It's alot more lightweight than I expected so can be moved around with ease.

You are warned to expect some discomfort, tenderness and possibly bruising so I was prepared for the worst, especially as I only have a small, bony frame and it advises to 'roll on soft tissue and avoid direct contact over bone or joints'. As my shoulders and upper back are where I suffer most, this is where I began. I placed the Power Roller under my shoulder blades and positioned my body accordingly. I then, gently, began to roll my body up and down the roller. I could definitely feel it, although it wasn't exactly painful, just slightly uncomfortable as it worked its way over the knots. I repeated this exercise 10 times before moving onto the next one and was surprised at how much more at ease my muscles felt, despite now beginning to feel slight pain whilst rolling. I did notice a few slight creaks and groans coming from the Power Roller, but at no point did I feel that it wouldn't be able to take the strain, after all, it does come with a lifetime guarantee which shows just how confident they are that this will last!
I've been using this daily for around a week now and find that it still works wonders for me and with practice, it becomes much easier to use.
I was also really impressed when I received another email making sure that all was well with my new purchase, and offering assistance/advice if at all needed. This gave me so much reassurance. All in all a great product with proven benefits and fantastic customer service and aftercare team.

You can purchase the Power Roller from at a cost of £26.99 (rrp £49.99) with free delivery.  Prices correct at time of post.