Tuesday 5 April 2011

Vimto still, Vimto sugar free & Tongue Ticklers

Okay, the final part of my Vimto review is here, and it has been an absolute pleasure to try all of these fantastic products.......thankyou so much for sending me them Vimto!

As you can see, I tried regular Vimto, fizzy Vimto with no added sugar and Vimto Tongue Ticklers.
I received 2 bottles of regular Vimto, one of which I was to dilute and the other came ready to drink. I absolutely loved both of these - as did my kids and my other half! The ready to drink bottle is ideal if you're on the go, pop it in the fridge to cool first, you'll find it extremely refreshing and it will really help quench your thirst. The bottle I was to dilute myself was also spot on and I have to say, it didn't last too long in here! I had to try it hot as i'd heard so much about it, some good, some not so good. Personally, I thought it was absolutely divine. The spicy aroma filled my nostrils and I floated off into seventh heaven. My sore throat felt at ease as I sipped this deliciously hot drink, savouring each and every mouthful. Definately something i'll have again....even if it's hot outside!

Now onto the fizzy sugar free Vimto. Unfortunately, i've never been a fan of sugar free varieties as they always taste like they have something missing, and this was no different. I found it to taste quite bland although it had the perfect amount of fizz. My kids on the other hand, absolutely loved it!! They are also usually quite fussy when it comes to sugar free drinks but they both said this was full of flavour and really hit the spot after they'd finished tea...result!!

Finally, it's time to tell you about those Vimto Tongue Ticklers. Mmmm.....mmmmm! They are unbelievably full of flavour and are fantastically chewy too - which was great for keeping the kids quiet for 5 mins! Not only that, but they have a great tangy taste which certainly made my eyes water!! I can't quite remember how many you get in a packet as they didn't last long, but we shared them between four of us and we were all left begging for more.

I have been a fan of Vimto ever since I was young and it's one of the only drinks which I still love as much today as I did back then. The fact that they have introduced so many new products over recent months has pleased me no end. Thanks again Vimto and keep up the good work!
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