Wednesday 16 December 2015

Forestglow Mulled Wine

I received a bottle of Forestglow Mulled Wine free of charge, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Well, it's not every day I get something quite as interesting as this to review, so obviously when I was approached by the lovely Camilla to try it, I absolutely jumped at the chance!

This is a very special mulled win which is based on old recipes making it full of traditional spices with added fruit and berries. It can be heated slightly in a pan or mulled wine warmer to provide a hearty drink during the cold winter months but can also be enjoyed cold if that's your preference. Forestglow also comes in two delightful flavours - either with a hint of citrus fruits, or with a hint of red berries. This one has the hint of citrus.

The first thing I noticed when I received this, was the gorgeous artwork on the label. It really is a very pretty design and very much captures the essence of the mulled wine itself.

The bottle is sleek and the lid, which is corked, is easily removed and replaced - something which I was really pleased to discover!
As soon as the lid is removed, you're met with a gorgeous, hearty, warm fruity smell which automatically starts warming the cockles and tempting the taste buds. You can definitely pick out the spices too. When poured into a glass, it's a beautiful deep burgundy colour and looks like a super rich drink. I tried it straight from the bottle rather than warming first, but it's up to you how you choose to drink it.
This is like nothing I've ever tasted before, and at a whopping 15%, it nearly blew my socks off ...but in a good way! All the spices are there to taste and I'm sure I could pick out a hint of cloves and maybe cinnamon as well as the punch of the citrus. From the first sip my insides began to warm and I began to understand why it was named Forestglow as you really do feel like you're glowing from the inside. A very hearty and full bodied drink which is great for sharing and perfect for warming from the inside out.
It costs £14.90 to purchase a bottle from Freyja's Wines.

Please feel free to check out the Forestglow website for further information about the how this blend was created and learn more about the unique flavour.
You can also follow Forestglow on Twitter to keep up-to-date with all the latest happenings.