Thursday 25 February 2010

Percola Cola

To be perfectly honest, i didn't realise that you could buy organic cola, so was quite surprised when i received this.
Normally, i always stick to Coca Cola, but was more than willing to give this a go, and quite glad i did!
With no additives or artificial flavouring, this had a very nice taste and wasn't too sweet - i pretty much got the same response from the rest of the household too. My only complaint would be that it slightly lacked in fizz - however my other half has sensitive teeth so he found this wasn't a problem.

Syrup Waffles

These were so simple to heat, they can either be warmed in the oven, or amazingly, you can sit them on top of a cup of hot tea/coffee until they heat and the syrup how good's that?
This pack contains 6 waffles which have a generous helping of golden syrup running through the middle of each.
My youngest daughter wasn't very keen, but again, my eldest loved them and said that she would happily like to have these on a regular basis. My partner and myself both enjoyed them, but did find them slightly sickly - so 1 each was the limit!
Overall, a very tasty treat, but only in moderation.
Please check out GoodnessDirect they have loads of exciting products on site - well worth a look!

Meat Free Pepperoni

Well, admittedly i was a little sceptical about trying this as i'm definately no fan of Pepperoni, however, this meat-free alternative was simply delicious!
It has a really nice consistency, isn't too stongly flavoured, but enough so you can taste it and its again, ideal for lunchboxes. My eldest daughter who's 15 absolutely loved this and is now asking for it all the time - really must get some more. My youngest daughter (the fussier of the two) wasn't quite so keen - she was willing and gave it a go, but it just wasn't to her taste. My other half also was daring (as he's pretty fussy too) and his verdict was that it was quite nice, but he couldn't manage alot of it - i reckon they are an ideal size!
Ideal for vegetarians but also a great snack for meat lovers too - you can purchase this from GoodnessDirect here
They also offer free delivery on all orders over £35.00 so well worth a look!

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Jordan's Frusli - Cranberry and Apple

Advance apologies for the pic being of an empty packet - but this was just so yummy, i couldn't keep it out of my mouth long enough to take a pic!
A delicious cereal bar made from Wholegrain Oats and flavoured with Apple and Cranberry - not too hard and not too soft, just the way i like them. These are so full of flavour and very satisfying whilst still being healthy, so no guilt having eaten more than one!!!
My kids also both really enjoyed these and commented on how scrummy they were, so thats an extra item suitable for packed lunch boxes as well as being a handy snack to have either at home or on the go.
Huge thumbs up all round for these which are also available to buy from the fabulous - just click here

Monday 22 February 2010

4 Way Mix and Yoghurt Bananas Review

My extremely fussy other half was the first to open and try these - amazingly, i had to grab the packets from him to try for myself and so i could get a pic before they all vanished!
Personally, i chose not to try these, mainly because i'm not a big fan of bananas! My kids however tried them, and as you already know, my other half did too! Everyone seemed really impressed with these although they found the banana slightly hard - their preferred way of eating them was to bite the yoghurt from around the outside and then let the banana melt in their mouths.
Thumbs up for these and very few calories too!
Next we all tried the 4 Way Mix - delicious raisins and peanuts covered in either milk chocolate or yoghut. These were a huge hit all round - even more so when i discovered they had ZERO, yes, thats right, ZERO calories!!! Kids loved them and myself and the other half loved them too. Ideal for a snack throughout the day or for putting in kids packed lunch boxes, without the guilt!
Both of these products are available from the website

Upcoming reviews

This morning, i received a very lovely package from
It contained the following:
Goodness - 4 way mix
Goodness - Yoghurt Bananas
Goodness - Walnut Halves
Goodness - Litejack, Apricot and Vanilla
Goodness - (ready soaked) Pitted Prunes
Biscru - Beetroot and Carrot Biscuits
Pertwood Organic Farm - Barley Flakes
Amisa - Spelt Crispbread
Patersons - Olive Oil Oat Cakes
De Rit Organics - Syrup Waffles
GranoVita - Flapjack with LinuSprout and Cranberry
GranoVita - Meat Free Peperoni
Jordan's Frusli - Cranberry and Apple (not pictured as they were already eaten)
Percola - Cola
Celestial Herbal Tea - Lemon Zinger
Twinings - Fresh and Fruity, Echinacea and Raspberry
All foods contain natural ingredients with no artificial additives or flavours, making them an extremely favourable healthy option!
I will be reviewing each of these products as i try them and posting my opinions on here along with the link on where to find them, you can also follow on twitter, just click the link

Tease by Immodesty Blaize

I have to begin by saying that this isn't the usual type of novel i'd go for, but there was alot of publicity surrounding this, that i just had to read it!

This is the first novel from the famous Burlesque showgirl, Immodesty Blaize, and already i can't wait to get my hands on her next novel.
Although written about a great Burlesque dancer named Tiger Starr, i can't help but feel that this book is loosley based around the experiences of Immodesty hersef - and if i'm right in thinking this, then she lives an absolutely fascinating life.
This book not only goes in depth about each character and their personalities, but takes you behind the scenes in the world of burlesque and the highs and lows encountered in getting each performance inch perfect.
Tiger Starr is a renowned burlesque dancer and the 'best of the best' at what she does. She yearns for the day when she can conquer America and show them that she has what it takes to make it big there too, although there are many complications along the way. Tiger holds a dark secret which is about to be leaked, but who could it be trying to destroy her like this?
There will be laughter, maybe a few tears and certainly gasps of surprise as you read deeper into this tale of mystery and success, with the biggest gasp of all coming towards the end!!
I really hope that you enjoy reading this book too if it sounds like your cup of tea - please leave a comment and give me your opinion too, thanks!

Thursday 18 February 2010

Upcoming reviews

Sorry i haven't updated in a while, but i'm currently waiting to receive som fabulous products for reveiw including moisturisers from Jergens and a lovely product from GHD for frizzy hair. I also have a few upcoming book reviews including Tease by Immodesty Blake and Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - so keep a lookout for those in the near future!
I'm hoping to find the time to update my blog more regularly, so feel free to give me a nudge if you notice lack of posts!!
Also, for those of you on twitter, please stop by and say "Hi" to me - its @sassyele on there.
Thankyou for your patience and i promise to be more regular on here :-) xx