Monday, 26 March 2012

Bakestone Bread

A few weeks back, I was approached by Bakestone Bread, who i've done a few reviews for already, and asked if I would like to be part of The Baker's Dozen.
The Baker's Dozen is a group of 13 selected bloggers and journalists who have been chosen to sample and provide feedback on various Bakestone products. Of course, I jumped at the chance and was soon sent my first batch of products to review...

White Hoofers
White Hoofers (2 pack) - These were absolutely gorgeous! Nice and soft and a great size too - I packed mine with a large burger, lettuce, cheese, cucumber etc and it was delicious. The bread itself wasn't too heavy which meant that although it filled me, I wasn't overly stuffed - very impressed!

Poppy Seed Nudger
Poppy Seed Nudger (2 pack) - Perfect filled with chicken tikka and salad. There weren't too many seeds which I find a problem with alot of brands, but there was definately enough to give these a great taste which both myself and my kids loved. Again, the texture of these were perfect and I loved the size of them - you can fit quite a bit in there.

Brown Nudgers
Brown Nudgers (4 pack) - I've never been a huge fan of brown bread, but these nudgers have convinced me otherwise. Far from the cardboardy taste I expected, these had a nice flavour which blended well with a salad sarnie and left me wanting more. Not too dry and nicely soft make these an ideal healthy option - even my kids were impressed!

Toothsomes (2 pack) - These were my favourites of them all. Giant toothsomes which took a couple of hot dogs to fill and tasted divine. Although they look a little hard to get your mouth around, the softness of them allows you to squash them down a little and the bread is very easy to chew. I also found that the bread didn't go soggy when I put my hot dogs in which made it all the more pleasurable to eat. Perfect with all fillings too.

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