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As many of you already know, I'm a BzzAgent and as a result, I get sent some fabulous things in return for honest reviews. This time i've been sent the new Veet EasyWax and despite my nerves, I gave it my best shot!

Here's what I received in my pack .....

As you can see from the pic, I received an EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit for legs & arms and an EasyWax refill kit for bikini line and underarms.

Now to get to grips with whats inside the box .....

Included are:
1 Easy Fit Wax Cartridge and Holder
12 Wax Strips
4 Finishing Wipes
1 Charging Adapter
1 Stand
1 Instruction Leaflet

We all love the feel of silky smooth legs, but sometimes it's such a chore getting the required results. That's where Veet EasyWax comes in. It's the first of it's kind and there's very little mess involved.

Simply place the wax cartridge securely into the holder, place on stand, plug in charger and leave for 20 mins. I had to leave mine for nearer 30 mins and had to plug it in a few times during use too.

There's a little red light which glows when you plug it in, but take note, this light stays on even when wax is ready to use so don't wait for it going out first!

I decided that for my first use, i'd opt for doing my legs ...I simply wasn't brave enough to try it anywhere else!

I didn't bother shaving my legs from the moment I knew i'd be receiving this trial, so by the time it got here (some 2 weeks later), I was resembling a grizzly bear!! The hairs were easily 5mm plus in length so should be easy enough for the wax to remove them.
Whilst the wax was warming, I got out the wax strips prepared and perched myself on the bed with a towel under me ....just in case things got a bit messy!
Some 30-40 mins later and I was ready as I was ever gonna be.

The roller itself is around 2 inches in length, so you do get pretty good coverage. Once the wax is hot enough, it glides on with ease and is pink in colour so its easy enough to see where you've done. Glide on the wax, smooth over the wax strip, hold skin taut and pull .......OUCH!!!

This is where the first shot of pain hit me. It wasn't quite as bad as i'd expected, but anyone who says it's pain free, i'd happily call a fibber! Immediately, small red bumps began to appear on my legs making them resemble chicken legs ....great eh, from gorilla legs to chicken legs in next to no time! Worse still was that I could still see hairs which had been left behind so I had to do the big no, no and go over it again. Still hairs remained.

There are warnings in the instruction leaflet that the wax CANNOT be removed with water, so the wax wipes came in really handy and gave a little light relief to the pain I was feeling, although a few more of these in the pack would have been most welcome. Slight swelling appeared but all was pretty much back to normal by the next day. I did smother myself in Johnson's Baby Lotion once i'd finished to help prevent my legs from drying out too much. Admittedly, the razor came out the next day too so I could de-fuzz all the missed hairs.

I've no idea why, but for some reason the next day I was feeling braver than I ever have, and without thought, I prepared to use the underarm wax .....big mistake!

The top of this wax cartridge is smaller than the one for legs ......its only around an inch in length. The wax is white rather than pink and took even longer to heat. I found this one quite difficult to apply, especially whilst trying to hold my arm taut with one hand and apply the wax with the other. Once again, the first strip left behind quite a bit of hair and I was in so much pain it was almost unbearable!

Here's a pic taken just after i'd used the underarm wax ....

As you can see, it's a bit pink and blotchy and still a little hairy! I took another pic just over 24 hours later, here's how it looked then....

It's still a little on the pink side and slightly swollen but my biggest worry was the hairs which were left behind .....time for me to get the razor out again.

No way on god's earth was I willing to test this on my lady parts and I take my hat off to those brave enough!

Overall I wasn't completely blown away by this, despite having really high expectations after reading the description. I would however use it again for my legs, despite it not de-fuzzing me properly, but never again for my underarms as I'd spent the whole day walking like I was carrying 2 carpets .....hilarious to onlookers i'd imagine!

If you're interested in purchasing Veet EasyWax for yourself, then head over to where they're available for only £14.99 (price correct at time of print).

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