Tuesday 30 April 2013

Oil It with The Body Shop

Be body beautiful this summer with one key ingredient.....

For centuries natural oils have been used to nourish and revitalise skin. Rich with nutrients and excellent emollients, oils effortlessly penetrate deep into the skin for far-reaching results. The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians ensured oils were an essential part of their beauty regime, deeming it 'liquid-gold', and now you can rediscover one of the world's oldest forms of beauty with our specialised range of oils, created to suit every skin type.

For Blemishes: Tea Tree Oil (RRP £7.00)

Filled with antibacterial properties, our ultra soothing Tea Tree Oil is perfect for banishing blemishes. Watch imperfections disappear resulting in flawlessly clear skin.

For Face: Vitamin E Facial Oil (RRP £11.00)

Our anti-oxidant packed Vitamin E Oil not only moisturises and perfectly prepares the skin, it also protects from oxidative damage, leaving skin bright with dryness out of sight!

For Nails: Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil (RRP £5.25)

Containing sweet almond oil, this handy two-in-one pen softens the cuticles whilst taking care of damaged, dry or brittle nails. Simply add this to your regime for ultimate nail perfection!

For Skin and Hair: Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil (RRP £9.00)

This non-sticky, multi-tasking fragrant oil will leave skin and hair silky and shimmering. Smooth onto damp/wet skin for instant hydration. Creating a radiant glow from head to toe!

For Fragrance: Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil (RRP £7.00)

Long lasting and alcohol free, this concentrated perfume oil is a luxurious, oriental inspired fragrance consisting of floral and feminine undertones. Light and sensuous, this oil provides perfect summer scent!

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