Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Alva Sanddorn Skin Oil from My Pure

I recently received some Alva Sanddorn Skin Oil from My Pure free of charge, in return for an honest review.

I decided to try this oil as my skin is still stuck in Winter mode and is also in dire need of a moisture boost. Alva Sanddorn Skin Oil claims to have so many great benefits that I simply couldn't resist!

According to the My Pure website, this skin oil is the 'perfect intensive care for stressed skin' and that the 'rich oil increases the amount of moisture retained, firms, protects against damaging environmental factors , and promotes natural regeneration - especially after sunbathing. Additionally, it helps to promote a deeper, longer lasting suntan'.
As well as all that, it also:
- can be used by pregnant women as a massage oil to help prevent stretch marks
- helps to lessen the visible impact of already formed stretch marks, scars and blemishes
- works as a soothing shaving oil for men and women and
- is a perfect substitute for liquid paraffin-based oils which are often used on babies' skin

So as you can see, there are many benefits contained in this one small bottle!

Once the lid has been unscrewed, you'll find a small hole which helps regulate the amount of oil being released  .....I was really pleased about this as I have an uncanny tendency to always smother myself in waaay too much product!

I mainly used this as a morning and evening moisturiser as it's my face which is the most problematic for me. I applied it onto clean, slightly damp skin as per the instructions. Immediately, I was free from any tingling or tightness and even my usual 'just washed' redness subsided within a few seconds of application. I tend to have quite a few dry areas of skin which I find difficult to keep suitably moisturised, however, this skin oil managed to not only help make them appear less visible, but after 1 week of using twice daily, has completely eradicated them!! For the first time in years I am able to apply foundation without having unsightly dry patches here and there, which in turn has helped increase my confidence ...HOORAY!!

Due to the gorgeous few days of sunshine we've had recently, I managed to get myself into the garden and yes, you've guessed it, I got sunburnt!! My face suffered the worst, but thankfully, I reached straight for my skin oil and applied immediately. It soothed and de-stressed my skin on contact and I'm pleased to say that the redness didn't last long and in it's place, I have a nice golden tan.

Despite using this twice daily for almost 2 weeks, I have barely touched the bottle! As long as skin is slightly damp, it only takes a small amount to gain really good coverage. I've also noticed that some of my finer lines have paled into insignificance .....I can only assume that it's due to the skin oil. I really do recommend this product, not only because it's totally natural, but it really does work.
WORD OF WARNING: This oil is rich orange in colour and may cause staining so please be careful!

Alva Sanddorn Skin Oil comes in either a small 5ml bottle (which is what I received) at a cost of £5.50 or a large 100ml bottle at a cost of £19.75 and are both available from My Pure.

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