Monday, 15 August 2011

I’m part of the Transworld Book Group!

I am ovet the moon to say that I have just received confirmation to say that I have been included in the Transworld Book indicated by the new logo over on the right there...pretty isn't it! :)

I first heard about this from my friend Kim after asking her if she had any ideas on what I could review on my blog. She told me about the Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge and pointed me in the direction of her blog Munchy's Place for more info.....I promptly did so. 

I discovered that this was a very interesting challenge. Running from August till October 2011, Transworld send you books in return for reviews on Amazon and your own blog. You get to choose 4 titles from the 15 available (I found this really difficult as they all sound great), they'll send you the first one out, then once you've read and reviewed it, they'll send you the next and so on...easy peasy!

If you'd like to become a part of this group or find out more information, click here. I just commented showing my interest, then sat back and waited. After a few days I received my confirmation email.
Please be patient, i'm sure you can imagine theres quite a bit of interest in this so it may take them time to reply and you must apply by the end of August 2011 to be included.

Good luck and I look forward to reviewing my first book soon :)

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