Wednesday 3 August 2011

Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day to Night Mascara

Another mission received from Rimmel London ......and you all know how much I love to review mascara!!

As you can see, I received some Glam'Eyes Day to Night Mascara in Jet Black. It's also available in Brown Black and costs around £5.99 (depending on where you buy).

I have to say that the claims which came with this mascara made it sound so appealing.....I began to wonder why nobody had thought of it before! Two different looks for lashes, in One mascara tube? Surely not. But yes, it is!! The innvoative idea uses a double cap system so you can choose the 'length' cap for ultra lengthened lashes, or the 'volume' cap for that fabulous night time look boosting the fullness of your lashes by up to 15 times!

All sounds good so for the test!

Okay, in this pic, my left eye (your right) was done using the 'length' cap and my right eye (your left), was done using the 'volume' cap. Personally, I found that although I loved the nice, cleancut result of the 'length' cap, I found that when I used the 'volume' cap, the mascara was too thick and it clumped. My eye also felt claggy for a good 10 minutes after good if you're in a hurry!

My other problem was the 'dual' system ie inserting the 'length' cap back into the 'volume' cap. I found this to be a really messy job and ended up covered in mascara...especially so the more times I used it!

The pic above doesn't really show it too well, but hopefully enough to see what I mean!

So, would I buy this?
Well, although Rimmel London are one of my all time fave cosmetics brands, i'd have to say "no". This is the first mascara from them in a long time that i've tried, and not really liked...sorry!
I'm always asked to give honest opinions on here and that's exactly what this is.....MY honest opinion, however as we are all individuals, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll think the same - you may love it!!

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