Thursday 4 August 2011

Jamaica Ginger Cake

Mmmm....just hearing the words 'Jamaica Ginger Cake' is enough to make my mouth water, shame that by the time i'm writing this, both the above cakes are erm....gone!! lol

Anyway, this was a VERY lucky win from the Official Jamaica Ginger Cake facebook page....many thanks to them for my prize getting here in one piece, even if it didn't last long!!

From being a small child, my mam has bought ginger cake, and not just any old ginger cake would do, oh no, it had to be Jamaica Ginger Cake. Now that i'm in my adult life with kids of my own, I can totally see why. Although I have tried variations, I always come back to this timeless classic with it's seductivly soft texture and that ginger aroma which hits you the second it's opened....heavenly! As far as I can see, there may be cheap variations out there, but there's no denying who gets it right....EVERY time!

I've passed my love of this fabulous cake down to my kids and they totally agree with me - hence how 1 of the cakes was already gone before I got the pic taken...gotta be quicker next time lol

Well, if you're a fan of ginger and love cake, then this is for you. It's baked to perfection using just the right blend of ingredients and isn't too dry either...go on, treat yourself, you know you want to! ;)

This review is based upon my own opinion and I was not asked to review this product. I reviewed it simply because I love it and wanted to share (my thoughts, not the cake) ;)

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