Friday 17 September 2010

Lovea Bio Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Hair Mask

The next product I have for review from the wonderful people at My Pure is Lovea Bio Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Hair Mask.

As you can see, it is a very generous size - 300ml to be exact, and it costs £7.99. The first thing I did, as always, was have a smell and I am delighted to say that it was exactly as I expected. The smell reminds me of holidays in the sun and it lingers on your hair well into the next day.
The hair mask itself has a nice consistency, not too thick nor too runny and I found that I didn't really use too much even though my hair is quite long, however, it is also very fine so maybe thats why.

The only problem I had with this, is that all the writing (including instructions on how to use) are foreign. The only way I could find out what to do was by visiting the My Pure website....fortunately, all the info I needed was there!
You apply the Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Hair Mask to towel dried hair, after shampoo and conditioner (I left out the latter), then simply wrap a towel around your head and leave for around 30 minutes. After this, simply rinse out and dry/style as normal.
It's the first time i've ever used a hair mask of any description so I wasn't really sure what to expect, but my fine, dull, lifeless hair was left softer than it has ever been, smelled gorgeous and looked well conditioned and shiny....what more could I wish for!
Although I didn't try, the hair mask can also be used as a 'leave-in' conditioner - to do this, simply wash hair as normal, towel dry, then rub the hair mask between your palms then finger through the hair...simple!
Overall, I was really pleased with the end results and think that the price is very fair. I'm not sure if it was as a result of using this hair mask or not, but my hair lasted an extra day before needing rewashed so i'll definately continue using.

Please consider that my opinion may differ from your own depending on the length, texture and thickness of your hair.

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