Thursday, 27 October 2011

Crippen by John Boyne

From the day Hawley Crippen was born, his mother instilled in him the importance of following God and doing Gods' work. The strictness of his daily life, meant that one day, he was sure to rebel.

Much to his mother's annoyance, Hawley grew up wanting nothing more than to become a doctor....something his mother was strongly against as she believed that if God made people ill, it was for a reason and therefore was not to be treated by medicine.

Hawley eventually broke free from his mothers' clutches and set out to live his life. Searching for a job in his chosen profession proved difficult as he never managed to study medicine or gain any qualifications. His only knowledge came from library books and the weekly copies of Scientific American which he'd kept hidden under his mattress from his mothers prying eyes.

The fascination begins when a Mr John Robinson and his 17 year old son, Edmund board The Montrose along with many other passengers including the somewhat overpowering Mrs Antonia Drake and her daughter Victoria (who was used to getting exactly what she wanted), Martha Hayes who is off to start a new life in Canada, Matthieu Zela, the wealthy businessman who now had the task of looking after his 14 year old nephew, Tom DuMarque after his parents had died.....a troublesome task to say the least! Many events occur onboard the Montrose....all of which will leave you guessing whats going to happen next, and chances are, you'll be wrong! All is not quite as it seems with some of the passengers, who seem to be hiding their own, dark secrets.

A gruesome murder, inquisitive friends and  a few suspicious characters  make this one of the most interesting books i've read in a while. Each time I thought I had it sussed, another surprise was thrown in, keeping me guessing until almost the very end. Admittedly, there were a couple of times when I almost put this book down as I found it a little difficult to get into, but i'm so glad I persevered!!

Extremely well written and in such a way that you'll find yourself wanting to continue, wanting to get to the end and wanting to know the truth!! I'd certainly be happy to recommend this book, it's quite in depth but allows you to get to know the characters and feel their emotions which I loved.

This is my 3rd review as part of the Transworld Book Group.

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