Tuesday 26 March 2013

The Cougar Diaries, Part 1 by Aoife Brennan

I was thrilled when Aoife Brennan contacted me via twitter and asked if i'd like to review her spanking brand new book. I obviously jumped at the chance as i've been at a pretty loose end since finishing Fifty Shades of Grey and needed something else to help fill the void.

The Cougar Diaries, Part 1, is a true-to-life story of one womans' fight against the world. Struggling to cope with the breakdown of her marriage, running the family home, holding down a job and bringing up two teenage boys, Aoife, with the help of her best friend Trish, decides it time to get back out there and see what else life has to offer.

A new haircut, wardrobe, underwear and a surprise gift from Trish are just the beginning for Aoife and she quickly notices the amount of attention she's receiving .....particularly from younger men!

Since her marriage breakdown, many of their 'joint' friends seemed to take sides and her social circle slowly began to diminish. It wasn't long though before Trish dragged her to a party and introduced her to a few single men ....including Sex-God Chris!!

This was the beginning of a whole new life for Aoife complete with exploring dating sites, trying rampant rabbits,  a delve into the world of BDSM and the most hilarious strawberry incident i've ever read!! I'll quite frankly never look at one the same again!! lol

Compared to Fifty Shades, this book is so much easier to connect with as it gives a realistic outlook on life and the many ups and downs that come with it. Not only is Aoife trying to reveal a newer, sexier her, but she's also dealing with an impossible ex hubby who seems to want nothing more than to make things as difficult as possible for her ....even removing items of property from her home while she wasn't there! The fact that her job also hangs in the balance just adds to the anxieties she has to deal with.

It's thanks to her brother George and best friend Trish that she manages to cope and finally sees a light at the end of the tunnel, although it's a long way off yet.

You're gonna have to read it if you want to find out more, but I highly recommend it! There's not as much sex as Fifty Shades but don't let that put you off as the parts that are there, are well written and described in enough detail to create those familiar little 'stirrings'.

Better still, you can buy it for your Kindle and nobody need ever know what you're reading .....although they will get curious when you burst into giggles throughout!

Buy The Cougar Diaries, Part 1 on Amazon.co.uk for only £2.03 inc vat .....you really can't go wrong for that!!
For US customers, you can purchase from Amazon.com for $3.03 inc vat
Pay a visit to Aoifes' blog too :)

Although I received this book for free, all opinions are my own.

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