Thursday 8 November 2018

How to use Beauty Pie Subscription Service

For fans of all things beauty, I've no doubt you've already heard about Beauty Pie and if not, here's a quick rundown - mainly because I've noticed a lot of confusion over how it works!

Beauty Pie offer an online subscription service whereby you pay so much for a membership, and this enables you to purchase beauty and skincare products from their site at a cut cost.

When you first click onto the Beauty Pie site, you're given the option to choose a membership from the following options:
Pay £5 per month and choose £50 worth of products
Pay £10 per month and choose £100 worth of products
Pay £20 per month and choose £200 worth of products
Pay £99 per year and choose £100 worth of products and get 2 months free

This DOES NOT mean that you will receive free products to the value of your membership!! 

When you click on a product, 2 prices are shown. The Typical Price which is the full cost price and Members Pay price which is the actual price you pay for each product.

ie If you take out the £5 membership, you choose products to the value of £50 using the Typical Price but the price you pay is based on the Members Pay price. You then need to add P&P.

Once you're all signed up and have placed your first order, you will also receive a unique link which you can share with your friends & family and this means that for every 1 of them who signs up AND places an order, you receive an extra £50 top-up on your shopping limit. On top of that, they will receive 1 months FREE membership.

I ordered:
One Pallette Wonder - Typical Price £35.00 Members Price £8.30
Fantasticolour Sculpting Lipstick in Guilty Pink - Typical Price £18.00 Members Price £3.95
Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer in Golden Whirl - Typical Price £20.00 Members Price £4.80
Wondergloss Lip Oil in Nude Nectar - Typical Price £22.00 Members Price £5.26

Total Typical Cost £ 95.00 Members Price (and actual price you pay) £22.31
Post and Packing £3.36
Total paid altogether £25.67

I hope I've managed to clear a few things up with this post but if you're still a little confused, feel free to ask!! It took me a good bit of reading and a fair bit of head scratching to actually get my head around how it all works, so you're certainly not alone!

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