Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Balance Me BB Perfection Face Cream SPF25 from my Pure

I received a bottle of Balance Me BB Perfection Face Cream SPF25 free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review.

When I read the description for this product, I just knew I had to try it as it sounded too good to be true ...
'Smooth away imperfections, address uneven skin tone and give your skin a flawless finish with our illuminating, plumping and radiance-enhancing BB cream with a naturally anti-ageing SPF25 to protect against UVA and UVB and anti-oxidant care.
BB cream is a high-tech formula designed to create a naturally active daily skin perfector that leaves skin radiant and glowing, thanks to our sophisticated mineral-based tint. To support the structure of your skin and to smooth away signs of daily wear and tear, our SPF 25 BB cream contains an innovative natural titanium dioxide-based sun filter to block out both UVA and UVB rays. Our hand-picked ingredients were chosen to both enhance the activity of our sun filter and boost complexions. Blended Abyssinian and rosehip oils with anti-oxidant rich, collagen and elastin-boosting blackberry leaf extract to help firm and smooth the surface of the skin; the purest grade of hyaluronic acid to help plump and bind in moisture; spruce knot, lotus flower and violet seed extracts to help calm any redness to give you a beautifully even skin tone.'

As you can see, it really does sound like a miracle in a bottle so I had to see if it could produce the promised results. 

My confidence often takes a nosedive as I have ageing, tired, dry skin which is also uneven in skin tone, and as my face is the first thing people see,  I am constantly trying to find products which not only give great coverage, but are also kind to my skin. The bonus with the Balance Me BB cream is that it also contains SPF25 to give skin that bit of extra protection against UVA and UVB.

Inside the box is a 40ml tube with a screw off lid .....

I personally love the fine nosed nozzle as you're guaranteed not to squeeze too much out. I always (for some bizarre reason), have a sniff once the lids of any creams etc are opened and this one was no different. It was actually quite pleasant when smelled directly from the tube but was a little different when applying to my face. Not an unpleasant smell, but not a particularly nice one either, although I only noticed it directly upon application. 
I was absolutely amazed at the immediate results this provided skin looked practically flawless!! It felt nourished, moisturised and protected and gave me a huge spurt in confidence which my other half noticed immediately. I don't really wear much make-up and found that this worked really well when worn alone as it has a sophisticated mineral-based tint which gave my skin a lovely glow and instantly made it appear younger. It's such a subtly light cream that nobody need ever know you're wearing it. I did try this under make-up too just to get a varied review and it still worked superbly. I only applied once in the morning and it was sufficient enough to last all day.

I seriously loved this and feel that it should be renamed 'Girls' best friend' certainly shouldn't be without it!

Balance Me BB Perfection Face Cream SPF25 is available in a 40ml tube and costs £26.00 from My Pure.

Twinkle Toes Foot Balm from My pure

I received some Twinkle Toes Foot Balm free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review.

I've never used a foot balm before and was quite curious as to whether it actually made any difference to my tired, achy feet. As you all know, we've had some pretty hot weather lately here in the UK which means that the sandals are out and ultimately, so are the feet!

I, like many others, have been making the most of the fine weather but my feet really seem to be suffering. I'm quite pedantic about keeping dry skin at bay and pay particular attention to my feet. This balm is described as 'Great for nourishing dry feet, helping them to stay soft and supple,' so I couldn't wait to try it.

The tin holds 25g of foot balm and is simple to open. The balm itself somewhat resembles a firmer version of Vaseline and the minty smell hit immediately's actually quite a refreshing smell. You simply apply a small amount to your fingers, then massage it into your feet. I found that because my feet were quite hot at the time, the balm spread pretty easily and it didn't take a great amount to get a good coverage. Immediately after application, I could feel the relief it brought. My feet were instantly cooled and felt really soft ...even around the heel! I was amazed when I awoke the next day to find that my feet looked even more moisturised than normal and still felt soothed.
I've also used this after a day which consisted of alot of walking and didn't really think that anything would help relieve them, but I was wrong. This is quite the little miracle for tired, sore and achy feet as it does exactly what it says on the tin and brings that much needed comfort.

The core ingredients are Marigold Flowers, Coconut and Olive Oils, Beeswax and Essential oil of Lavender making this about as natural as you can get.

Gwdihw (Goody Hoo) Twinkle Toes Foot Balm comes in a 25g tin and costs a mere £4.49 from My Pure. A great buy if you ask me!!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Nivea Shower Cream

I recently received a sample of the new Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream and couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about!

I was thrilled when my sample arrived as normally they come in sachets, but this one came in a handy sized 50ml bottle which meant that I could extract every last drop with ease .....after using once, I wasn't letting any go to waste!
When you remove the lid, you can immediately smell the familiar scent of Nivea which I have always loved. I poured a small amount on my scrunchie and began to rub it over my legs. I was pretty surprised at how well it lathered up, as my past experience tells me that most body washes etc containing moisturiser, don't normally lather up too well.
This felt like one of, if not the, most indulgent bath I have ever taken (we don't have a shower!). My skin felt immediately softer to touch and had a lovely velvety sheen to it. I suffer from really dry skin and often feel self conscious when the sun comes out, but thanks to Nivea, I managed to wear my shorts with pride and confidence!

If you haven't had the chance to try this yet, then what are you waiting for??? You seriously won't look back!
Get you free sample from Nivea then once you've tried it, let them know what you think using #SHARETHECARE

HURRAW Orange Lip Balm from My Pure

I received a tube of Hurraw Orange Lip Balm free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest reveiw.

I'm a huge lover of lip balms and absolutely love trying new ones ....especially fruity ones! I really love the name of this and had great fun telling everyone I was wearing my Hurraw (I sounded like a timid lion lol).
The funky shape of this also really appealed and was very comfortable to hold.
The second you remove the lid, the orangey smell hits you full on ...and it's gorgeous!! It was much stronger and nicer than I expected and by this time, I couldn't wait to try it.

There's a very handy little bit at the base of the tube which simply twists to operate. Due to the shape of the tube and the balm, you manage to get a really good coverage without having to keep spreading over lips. One swipe along the top lip and one swipe along the bottom provides well enough balm. The orange smell is very prominent and it took all my effort not to have a quick lick of my lips. Hurraw uses, and I quote, 'not one, but two varieties of fresh cold pressed orange peel oil which pretty much makes this balm the bomb' and I completely agree! The balm lasts well on lips and provides good moisturisation leaving lips feeling refreshed, supple and free from dryness which is everything you could wish for in a lip balm. The only time I really needed to reapply, was after eating/drinking.

HURRAW Lip Balm comes in a variety of 3 flavours:
Green Tea Lip Balm
Orange Lip Balm
Lemon Lip Balm
They contain 4.3g each and cost £3.99 each, although there is currently an offer available to get 3 for £10 so grab 'em while you can!!
All prices correct at time of blog post


I received a bottle of Acorelle Eau De Parfum Absolu Tiare free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review.

The first thing I noticed about this was obviously the packaging. The gorgeous pastel colouring of the box make it look like it contains a lovely, delicate, feminine fragrance and the bottle itself is rather sweet too.

My Pure provide a range of perfumes and all are made from natural ingredients. They contain no phthalates, no artificial colours, no artificial musk and no synthetic chemicals so you can be sure that they will be kind to your skin.

Absolu Tiare is said to 'bring you balance and peace of mind with its exotic blend of orange, bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils'.

I applied this to my pulse points at around 8am and was immediately uplifted by the smell. The orange really shines through and there seems to me to be some hint of coconut, although I can't find this mentioned anywhere so maybe its just my nose! It's a very spicy perfume, maybe a little too much so for me personally, and extremely strong upon first application ...even if only a little is applied. Despite the strength upon application, this sadly didn't last long and needed to be re-applied after an hour or so to keep the smell fresh.

Both my daughters absolutely loved the smell of this and fought to get a squirt so it's definitely down to personal taste but it just wasn't for me.

If you fancy getting your hands on a bottle of Absolu Tiare, it's currently on offer at the reduced price of £15.00 (that's about half price!) for a 50ml bottle and is available from My Pure.
All prices correct at time of blog post.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Lovea Green Clay Mask for Oily Skin from My Pure

I was sent a tube of Lovea Green Clay Mask for Oily Skin from My Pure free of charge, in return for an honest reveiw.

Although my skin is pretty dry, I still suffer from oily patches around my nose, chin and forehead which result in small blackheads and whiteheads. I have tried many different things but am yet to find anything which makes a real difference.

My daughter also suffers from really oily skin which is prone to spots, so we both put decided to put this one to the test.

The directions for using this were so simple that not even I could go wrong! Simply spread a generous amount onto clean skin avoiding the eye area. Rinse off after 5 minutes before it has a chance to go hard.

It's very easy to squeeze out just the right amount, and it spreads nicely without dragging the skin. Both myself and my daughter absolutely adored the smell's a bit like marzipan which we both love! Please remember though that this is not an edible product lol The mask felt very relaxing whilst on and was also quite cooling. After 5 minutes we rinsed the mask off with ease, and were really pleased with the results. I only applied the mask around my problem areas, but my daughter used it over her whole face. We both noticed an immediate improvement in both the skins' texture, and the visibility of pores and pimples.

Overall, we would both highly recommend this, especially my daughter who has suffered with problem skin for a while now but has had a bit of relief with regular use of this mask. I personally have less problems around my nose and chin than normal so will certainly be continuing use.

Lovea Green Clay Mask for Oily Skin costs of £6.99 for a 75ml tube and is available to buy from My Pure.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Alva Sanddorn Skin Oil from My Pure

I recently received some Alva Sanddorn Skin Oil from My Pure free of charge, in return for an honest review.

I decided to try this oil as my skin is still stuck in Winter mode and is also in dire need of a moisture boost. Alva Sanddorn Skin Oil claims to have so many great benefits that I simply couldn't resist!

According to the My Pure website, this skin oil is the 'perfect intensive care for stressed skin' and that the 'rich oil increases the amount of moisture retained, firms, protects against damaging environmental factors , and promotes natural regeneration - especially after sunbathing. Additionally, it helps to promote a deeper, longer lasting suntan'.
As well as all that, it also:
- can be used by pregnant women as a massage oil to help prevent stretch marks
- helps to lessen the visible impact of already formed stretch marks, scars and blemishes
- works as a soothing shaving oil for men and women and
- is a perfect substitute for liquid paraffin-based oils which are often used on babies' skin

So as you can see, there are many benefits contained in this one small bottle!

Once the lid has been unscrewed, you'll find a small hole which helps regulate the amount of oil being released  .....I was really pleased about this as I have an uncanny tendency to always smother myself in waaay too much product!

I mainly used this as a morning and evening moisturiser as it's my face which is the most problematic for me. I applied it onto clean, slightly damp skin as per the instructions. Immediately, I was free from any tingling or tightness and even my usual 'just washed' redness subsided within a few seconds of application. I tend to have quite a few dry areas of skin which I find difficult to keep suitably moisturised, however, this skin oil managed to not only help make them appear less visible, but after 1 week of using twice daily, has completely eradicated them!! For the first time in years I am able to apply foundation without having unsightly dry patches here and there, which in turn has helped increase my confidence ...HOORAY!!

Due to the gorgeous few days of sunshine we've had recently, I managed to get myself into the garden and yes, you've guessed it, I got sunburnt!! My face suffered the worst, but thankfully, I reached straight for my skin oil and applied immediately. It soothed and de-stressed my skin on contact and I'm pleased to say that the redness didn't last long and in it's place, I have a nice golden tan.

Despite using this twice daily for almost 2 weeks, I have barely touched the bottle! As long as skin is slightly damp, it only takes a small amount to gain really good coverage. I've also noticed that some of my finer lines have paled into insignificance .....I can only assume that it's due to the skin oil. I really do recommend this product, not only because it's totally natural, but it really does work.
WORD OF WARNING: This oil is rich orange in colour and may cause staining so please be careful!

Alva Sanddorn Skin Oil comes in either a small 5ml bottle (which is what I received) at a cost of £5.50 or a large 100ml bottle at a cost of £19.75 and are both available from My Pure.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Corsica Gel Flip Flops from Beach Athletics

I was recently sent a pair of Corsica Gel flip flops in black from Beach Athletics free of charge, in return for an honest review.
Packaged flip flops

Individually wrapped for hygiene purposes

Bottom of flip flops

I was extremely impressed with how my flip flops arrived. Not only were they sealed in a clear plastic bag, but each flip flop was individually wrapped in plastic which meant I knew they were hygienically clean. They also came with a handy little hanger (as shown in pic) which I personally loved's the little things that please!

Packaging unwrapped
Once removed from the plastic wrapping, I couldn't help but have a good old feel. These are truly fabulous. They are slightly more weighty than regular flip flops, although not what i'd class as 'heavy' .....i'm guessing this is due to the gel cushioning. The white strap bits which sit over the feet are very flexible, although they don't feel flimsy in the slightest. They are made with polyurethane (PU) which gives them great memory characteristics and offers supreme comfort due to the gel foot-bed. They also have a very durable sole.

I often struggle with new flip flops, especially the bit which sits between the toes as it often rubs and causes irritation. These however, are completely different to anything I've ever tried before. The material is so soft and flexible, that it sat snugly between my toes and didn't cause me any problems at all. I had no red marks or itching and after a while, I even forgot that it was there!
The gel foot-bed provides optimum comfort and I have to say, you'd think these were 'made-to-measure' as they fit so comfortably ....and I don't say that often, especially about flip flops! I wore them for a whole day whilst doing a bit of shopping, housework, pegging out washing etc and they were amazing. I managed to keep them on my feet without struggling and my feet remained comfortable from the second I put them on until the moment I took them off.

Overall, I absolutely love my new flip flops and will definitely be sporting them during the summer months ....if we get some sun anyway! I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing these and would highly recommend them to anyone who fancies some flip flops but without the usual pain and redness that normally goes with them.

Corsica Gel Flip Flops are available to buy from Beach Athletics and cost £23.00. They are available in sizes 4 - 7 ( I received my usual size 4 and they fit perfectly so the sizes are pretty accurate). Why not check out the other ranges available while you're there, you won't be disappointed!

You can also follow Beach Athletics on Twitter ...don't forget to say Hi! :)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Laid Bare Tantastic from My Pure

I was sent a bottle of Laid Bare Tantastic from My Pure free of charge, in return for an honest review.

Tantastic is has no synthetic content and is said to give 'a tan that not only looks natural, but is natural' and 'works with your natural skin tone, with no orange hue' so I decided to put it to the test.

This didn't come with any instructions, so it was pretty much just guess work. First, I made sure my skin was fully exfoliated and I moisturised dry areas such as knees, the day before I used it.

With lid removed

Now, here's where I made my first mistake ......I completely removed the lid and poured what you can see into my hand! I then proceeded to spread this over my legs making sure I had even coverage and being especially careful around my knees and feet. I had far too much cream in my hand and it was way more than enough for both legs. I personally wasn't too keen on the smell as it had a familiar 'fake tan' tinge to it.  I quickly washed my hands, making sure to clean under my nails before replacing the lid. It was at this point I noticed a tiny hole in the very top of the lid which opened when the lid was fully closed .....

I discovered that if you use this tiny hole to disperse the cream, you get a much better amount and alot less waste.

I found that the cream took quite a while to absorb into my skin, but that may well be due the amount I used! I waited for at least an hour before dressing. I didn't notice any real difference until I got out of bed the next morning, although I do wear trousers most of the time so hadn't kept checking progress.

After using Tantastic
I have a medium skin tone and during the winter months, my skin generally looks drained and pale. Tantastic gave me a nice colour, although much darker than I expected .....again, this could be due to the huge amount of the product I used!!
I did still notice a few patches over my knees where the colour appeared a bit deeper, but after a quick scrub, they blended in well with the rest of the my legs.
This is a progressive tanning product, so the more you apply, the deeper the colour, I found that this one application was enough for me and after around 4 days, it had fully washed off leaving my natural pale colour behind.

Overall, I was reasonably impressed with this product, although did find it a little messy and far too smelly. The end result was quite pleasing and I did feel more confident with a bit of colour.

You can purchase Laid Bare Tantastic from My Pure at the reasonable price of £6.00 for 125ml.

Monday, 14 April 2014

MADARA Sunflower - Golden Beige Tinting Fluid from MyPure

I received a bottle of Madara Sunflower Golden Beige Tinting Fluid free of charge, in return for an honest review.

The packaging for this is quite simple, although I wouldn't expect anything else, and there's a small circle on the front to give a rough indication of the colour chosen. Inside you will find your 50ml bottle of tinting fluid which is suitable for all skin types.

Once you remove the outer lid, simply press down and the tinting fluid appears through the small hole as shown in the above pic. The size of the hole is perfect in enabling you to dispense just the right amount, so no need to worry about over doing it!

This particular tinting fluid is available in 2 shades, Moonflower Rose Beige and Sunflower Golden Beige. I chose the Golden Beige as this is the closest to my natural skin tone.

Although I'm a huge fan of foundation creams etc, they do tend to feel a bit weighty on my skin and seem to clog my pores as well as occasionally causing minor irritation. This however was an absolute pleasure to wear. It's extremely lightweight and blends in well to give a nice, even skin tone whilst still allowing the skin to breathe. It covered my blemishes extremely well but didn't leave me with that 'caked in make-up' look at all looked and felt extremely natural! The ingredients help deliver a natural look and give skin a lovely glow as well as keep it hydrated.
Unusually, I didn't need to reapply this throughout the day either as it held in place well which was a blessing as it gave me more time for other activities and still had me feeling confident at the end of the day. It was very easy to clean off using face wipes and didn't require any scrubbing at all.

Overall, I would highly recommend this tinting fluid, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin and are looking for something light and breathable that looks natural whilst hiding any redness or blemishes.

MADARA Sunflower - Golden Beige Tinting Fluid costs £23.00 from MyPure which I think is very reasonable, especially since a little really does go a long way so 1 bottle should last a while!