Sunday, 19 October 2014


I received some Yes to Blueberries Dry Skin Ultra Hydrating Body Wash free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

As I'm nearing my forties, I try to find products which are more suitable to my maturing skin and offer real benefits. The 'Yes to Blueberries is Yes To's speciality range for age-damaged or mature skin. It improves firmness and diminishes the appearance of fine lines with blueberries, cotton thistle and paracress flower'.

 I really love the size of this bottle as it's nice and chunky which means you can get a good grip of it even when you're hands are wet. There is a small opening in the lid which is where the body wash is dispensed from. Simply press one side down, and the other side pops open ....

I'm not quite sure how well you can see the hole in my pics, but it is incredibly difficult to dispense the body wash through it. I had to hold my scrunchie between my knees and use both hands to squeeze the bottle and even then, only a small amount dribbled out of the end. I found it far easier to remove the lid altogether and pour directly from the top of the bottle.

So, unless you have muscles like Arnie, I suggest this to be the best way to use the body wash.

I could smell this immediately after removing the lid and I really liked it. It has a pretty strong smell, but also a clean, fresh one and the blueberries really come through. I poured about a 50p piece size onto my scrunchie and found that this was more than enough to get a good, thorough wash. The body wash lathered up well and had a nice creamy feel on my skin which when rinsed, left it feeling nourished and moisturised. The lather was easily rinsed off and didn't leave any kind of residue. This product is also great to use as a bubble bath and creates a nice relaxing aroma whilst being kind to skin. The blueberries are a natural source of anti-oxident while the Shea Butter provides good moisturisation. After drying, I noticed that my skin didn't feel as tight as usual and had a nice glow to it. I didn't apply moisturiser as it didn't seem necessary ....which doesn't happen often!

Overall, I really liked this product although do feel that the bottle opening needs a little attention. As with all My Pure products, you're guaranteed that this is derived from natural ingredients and won't be harmful to your skin.

Yes to Blueberries Dry Skin Ultra Hydrating Body Wash is available to buy from My Pure at a cost of £7.99 for 500ml.

Monday, 13 October 2014

AERO 360° PURE from Unibond

As part of The Insiders, I received this product free of charge in return for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

For many years we have suffered severe damp problems in our home which has resulted in fortunes being spent on decoration etc. I have hunted high and low for a product which is inexpensive and not harmful to use without success, so I jumped at the chance of trialling the AERO 360° PURE.

The key signs to having too much moisture are:
- Dust mites
- General allergies and joint problems
- The feeling of being cold or having a cold on a regular basis
- Damp in your home
- Condensation and lingering bad smells around the house
- Wallpaper peeling off, blistering paint, mould and mildew patches etc

I pretty much ticked all of these boxes so couldn't wait to see if this product would actually make a difference!

Once removed from the box, the AERO 360° PURE is really easy to set up and use immediately...

Simply pop open clips on the side to separate
Press 'Open' on the lid to install the ultra-absorbent refill tab
The tab is to sit on the axle with the blue side facing downwards
Key features of the AERO 360° PURE are:
- ULTRA-ABSORBENT REFILL TAB a new wave shaped design with a hollowed centre. 2 in 1 technology: anti-moisture and anti-odour. The tab lasts for approximately 3 months. Once it is fully dissolved, replace the tab with a new one.
- AERODYNAMIC DEVICE air circulates around and through the suspended tab, based on 360° air circulation for increased efficiency.
- EASY HANDLING with a one touch loading tray.
- DRAINING SPOUT to easily empty the salty solution from inside the tank.
- LEVEL WINDOW to visibly monitor the amount of fluid in the tank

As all of the rooms in my home suffer from dampness, I decided to place it in my kids' bedroom as this is probably one of the worst affected and you can actually feel the dampness in the air. I didn't want to stand it on the windowsill so I placed it on the top of a wardrobe around 10cm (the recommended distance) away from the wall and waited.

I checked the bottom and after only 2 days, this is what was collected ....

Not a huge amount I know, but I was still impressed that there was anything at all! At least I knew some moisture was definitely being drawn from the air.
The AERO 360° PURE has now been stood in my kids' room for 11 days and when I checked this morning, this is what I found ....

As you can see, there's quite a bit there! Apart from what is visible in the bottom, there has also been a noticeable difference in the feel of their room. The cold air doesn't smack you in the face as soon as you enter, the smell has almost disappeared altogether and the blackness in my walls seems to be fading too. Both my kids are a lot less snuffly and the room is a more comfortable place to be. I really am amazed that such a small, relatively cheap device, can make such a huge difference!

If you're interested in purchasing one of these little room savers for your home, they're available to buy from: for £6.70 for £19.99
Tesco Direct for £20.00 (and earn 20 clubcard points)
All prices correct at time of post
They can also be found in Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, B&Q, Robert Days, Wilkinson and B&M although prices may vary.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Barefoot SOS Repair & Renew Smoothing Eye Serum

I received Barefoot SOS Repair & Renew Smoothing Eye Serum free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I've been noticing for a while now, that the once fine lines around  my eyes, have suddenly become more visible and deeper. It's funny how the ageing process takes over but fortunately, there are plenty of products out there on the market which are made to target those problem areas and allow us to look more youthful. This is one such product to target the eye area. Here is the description:
"An ultra-smoothing treatment combining Rosa Mosqueta Oil to help improve the appearance of fine lines, botanical extracts of Arnica and Calendula extract to help reduce dark circles, and Euphrasia extract (Eyebright) to soothe and refresh the eye area. Smooth 'crows feet' and expression lines. Develop brighter, younger looking skin around the eye area. Ease away puffiness and dark circles. Soothe and hydrate skin around the eye area. Tone and refresh tired looking eyes. Suitable for all skin types, especially mature/prematurely aged skin, dry skin, blemished skin, uneven skin tone and environmentally damaged skin."

This 'wonder' tube comes in a neat little box which is simply, but nicely styled.

Once opened, you'll find inside a 15ml tube of Smoothing Eye Serum and a handy instruction leaflet ...

The tube has a long nozzle from which the cream is dispensed. A small squeeze and you get just the desired amount.

The directions for use are also pretty simple, "Apply sparingly to the delicate skin around the eyes. Gently pat from the outer eye towards the nose using fingertips."
I did exactly as directed and noticed an immediate result. I found that the cream spread well and didn't leave any kind of residue or powdery whiteness around my eye blended in superbly! The lines around the sides of my eyes were less visible after the first use and they had an unusual brightness to them which made them appear more youthful. I've incorporated this product as part of my daily routine and the lines, although they're still there, they aren't nearly as noticeable as they were beforehand. My eyes feel rejuvenated, moisturised and bright. I've also noticed that the skin around my eyes is firmer and has more elasticity, unlike before when it seemed to be becoming a wee bit saggy and paper like.
Overall I am extremely impressed with this product. It may not fit everybodys budget, but it does make a difference and as it's made with natural ingredients, you're also giving your skin the kindness it deserves.

Barefoot SOS Repair & Renew Smoothing Eye Serum is available from My Pure at a cost of £18.90 (currently on offer at time of post).

Skin Blossom Facial Toner from My Pure

I received a bottle of Skin Blossom Facial Toner free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

The first thing I noticed, and loved, about this product was the bottle. Despite it being black, it is opaque and  I personally think it looks quite sophisticated and elegant.

On the bottle it says "This refreshing toner purifies after cleansing. Witch Hazel to tone and tighten pores, Aloe Vera and Glycerin to condition, and subtle essential oils to revive. SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES"

The directions are quite simply to wipe over face and neck after cleansing. Careful when you remove the lid as there's a sizeable hole at the top .....

I personally found this much easier to use than some which restrict the flow of the toner, especially as I tip onto a cotton ball/pad to use. I managed to get just a nice amount with 1 tip of the bottle which was quite sufficient to do my whole face and neck without needing more. I felt a nice, refreshing coolness upon application and only a very slight tingling sensation. When using similar products, I usually feel a slight discomfort as I have sensitive skin, but this was fine and didn't leave any tightness either. The smell isn't as alcohol smelling as some toners, in fact it's actually quite pleasant!
I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and have noticed an improvement in the elasticity of my skin as well as a reduction in pores. It has become part of my daily routine and I would highly recommend it, especially as it's so affordable and a little really does stretch a long way so one bottle will last a good while.

As well as doing what it says on the bottle, this facial toner is "98.85% natural & free from ingredients like SLS, SLES, ALS, Phylates, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM, PEGS, Silicones, synthetic colour & fragrance, Urea, DEA, MEA, TEA & GLYCOLS." Perfect if you prefer to keep it natural.

 Skin Blossom Facial Toner is available to buy from My Pure at a cost of £5.36 (currently on offer at time of post)

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Madara Moonkissed Tinted Lip Gloss from My Pure

I recently received Madara Moonkissed Tinted Lip Gloss  from My Pure, in return for an honest review.

My lip gloss arrived packaged in a neat box with a small hole so I could see the colour before actually removing from the box.

Once the lid is removed, you have a nozzle with a flat edge and a small hole in the centre where the gloss will be dispensed from. Simply give the tube a small squeeze and apply the flat end of the tube directly to lips then smooth over. Be careful not to squeeze out too much as this is very easy to do. At least if you don't quite get enough, you can always go back for more whereas squeeze too much, and you're in a mess I was! Regular readers of my blog know that I tend to judge alot of products on smell. I didn't really notice this as having a smell, but once applied to my lips, there was a rather unpleasant taste and then the smell kind of hit me. No disrespect to this product, but the smell reminded me of the ultra cheap lippys I used to buy with my pocket money in my younger days. I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now.

The wording on the box states 'Super shiny natural lip gloss with volume-boosting plant lipids and Northern Rose Hip. Enchants and seduces. Apply generously to lips all day long.' This really excited me!

It's a little difficult to see the colour here as my pics aren't exactly the greatest, but it's pretty close to my skin tone and alot lighter when applied than it looks in the tube. you really do need a generous amount as it doesn't like staying in one place. There is a slight stickiness upon initial application, but this tends to subside after a couple of minutes. I personally felt like I could pull off the perfect pout wearing this. It definitely plumped my lips up and made them appear fuller. The glossiness of this also gave a fantastic shine whilst not being too OTT. This is absolutely perfect to help achieve the natural summer look which is favoured by many and would be great whether used for a daytime look or a more glam evening look.

Sorry I couldn't get a clear pic on my own but you get the general idea ...I hope! Despite the smell (which only lasts a couple of minutes), I absolutely loved this product. It made me feel sexy and special and gave my confidence a great boost. If you're looking for something that's made with natural products and won't feel to heavy on your lips but will go the distance, then this is the gloss for you.

Madara Moonkissed Tinted Lip Gloss is available from My Pure and costs £8.10 for a 15ml tube.
All prices correct at time of post

Young & Pure Revitalising Body Scrub from My Pure

I was recently sent a 100ml tube of Young & Pure Revitalising Body Scrub from My Pure, in return for an honest review.

I'm a huge fan of body scrubs as they give me that all over fresh feeling when I've used them and often leave my skin nourished and glowing. Although the name is a bit of a giveaway, this has been developed for those with way younger skin than myself. In fact, it was especially made for those under the age of 21 which I am clearly not! I did however still give it a try before handing it over to my daughters to get their verdict.

As you can see, the body scrub looks a little like moisturiser but with tiny grains of sand in it ....don't worry,  it doesn't actually contain sand, that's just what it resembles!

The 'How to use' instructions say to 'Apply body scrub to wet sin and massage gently in circular motions to gently exfoliate the skin. Pay special attention to dry areas like elbows and knees. Rinse thoroughly, repeating once or twice a week to keep your skin clear and free of dry flaky skin.' I did as directed and found it quite a pleasant experience. Although I could feel the small gritty bits running over my skin, they didn't scratch or leave any redness. This product also contains Shea Butter so you're guaranteed to feel silky smooth after use. I personally struggled with the smell's really difficult to describe but I definitely wasn't a fan! My daughters both agreed that the smell was something which needed addressing, but apart from that, we were very impressed with the quality of the product and knowing that it's free of parabens, sls and other harsh chemicals, means that we were confident we'd given our skin the best possible treatment whilst avoiding irritation.
Although I used this myself (at the ripe old age of 38), I could tell that it was made with younger skin in mind. I still had a lovely glow, but it didn't feel quite harsh enough for my more mature skin. My daughters are 17 and 19 and they both found it to work fantastically. They both were left with smooth legs and my youngest, who suffers sensitive skin, had no problems with it at all. She found it to be quite gentle and loved the moisturising effect.

Overall I would recommend this for the age it is intended as it really does do what it says!

Young & Pure Revitalising Body Scrub is available to buy from My Pure and comes in a 100ml tube costing £5.39 (price correct at time of post).

10.5 tog Big Value Bed Set from Slumberdown

I recently received a 10.5 tog Big Value Bed Set from Slumberdown, in return for an honest review.

Amazingly, packed inside this neat wrapping is a 10.5 tog duvet, 2 pillows, a mattress protector and 2 pillow protectors!

Open top of bag to remove contents
Contents once removed

As you can see, it is very easy to open the outer wrapping. Simply peel back the SAFETY FIRST sticker and peel the ends of the bag back down over the duvet until it is completely removed.
You'll find that your pillows have been vacuum packed to help save on space. All you need to do is remove everything from it's packaging and lay out over your bed. Within an hour or so, the duvet and pillows will have plumped right up and be ready for use.

The cover for the duvet and pillows is made from Polyester cotton and the filling is made from 100% Polyester. The mattress and pillow protectors are made from 100% polypropylene and it also states 'non-allergenic' on the packaging.

Due to this duvet set having a 10.5 tog rating, it is suitable for use all year round ....although you may opt for something a little lighter if we ever have a scorching summer! I really love the feel of this quilt and due to it being 100% hollowfibre, it is extremely lightweight so you won't feel like you're being suffocated through the night or feel any weighty pressure on your feet! The pillows are slightly smaller than my pillowcases but I often have the same problem regardless of what make/brand pillows I buy. The duvet fit perfectly inside my cover and gave my bed the most inviting look once fully made up. I'm usually always complaining that i'm freezing and no more so than at bed time, however that became a thing of the past when I tried this duvet. Not only was I kept lovely and warm but I had the most comfortable nights sleep I've had in a long time.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Big Value Set from Slumberdown, even if it's to keep as a spare!
They, like the rest of the Slumberland range are available to buy from either Tesco for £30 or Argos and are also available in Single and King Size.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Balance Me BB Perfection Face Cream SPF25 from my Pure

I received a bottle of Balance Me BB Perfection Face Cream SPF25 free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review.

When I read the description for this product, I just knew I had to try it as it sounded too good to be true ...
'Smooth away imperfections, address uneven skin tone and give your skin a flawless finish with our illuminating, plumping and radiance-enhancing BB cream with a naturally anti-ageing SPF25 to protect against UVA and UVB and anti-oxidant care.
BB cream is a high-tech formula designed to create a naturally active daily skin perfector that leaves skin radiant and glowing, thanks to our sophisticated mineral-based tint. To support the structure of your skin and to smooth away signs of daily wear and tear, our SPF 25 BB cream contains an innovative natural titanium dioxide-based sun filter to block out both UVA and UVB rays. Our hand-picked ingredients were chosen to both enhance the activity of our sun filter and boost complexions. Blended Abyssinian and rosehip oils with anti-oxidant rich, collagen and elastin-boosting blackberry leaf extract to help firm and smooth the surface of the skin; the purest grade of hyaluronic acid to help plump and bind in moisture; spruce knot, lotus flower and violet seed extracts to help calm any redness to give you a beautifully even skin tone.'

As you can see, it really does sound like a miracle in a bottle so I had to see if it could produce the promised results. 

My confidence often takes a nosedive as I have ageing, tired, dry skin which is also uneven in skin tone, and as my face is the first thing people see,  I am constantly trying to find products which not only give great coverage, but are also kind to my skin. The bonus with the Balance Me BB cream is that it also contains SPF25 to give skin that bit of extra protection against UVA and UVB.

Inside the box is a 40ml tube with a screw off lid .....

I personally love the fine nosed nozzle as you're guaranteed not to squeeze too much out. I always (for some bizarre reason), have a sniff once the lids of any creams etc are opened and this one was no different. It was actually quite pleasant when smelled directly from the tube but was a little different when applying to my face. Not an unpleasant smell, but not a particularly nice one either, although I only noticed it directly upon application. 
I was absolutely amazed at the immediate results this provided skin looked practically flawless!! It felt nourished, moisturised and protected and gave me a huge spurt in confidence which my other half noticed immediately. I don't really wear much make-up and found that this worked really well when worn alone as it has a sophisticated mineral-based tint which gave my skin a lovely glow and instantly made it appear younger. It's such a subtly light cream that nobody need ever know you're wearing it. I did try this under make-up too just to get a varied review and it still worked superbly. I only applied once in the morning and it was sufficient enough to last all day.

I seriously loved this and feel that it should be renamed 'Girls' best friend' certainly shouldn't be without it!

Balance Me BB Perfection Face Cream SPF25 is available in a 40ml tube and costs £26.00 from My Pure.

Twinkle Toes Foot Balm from My pure

I received some Twinkle Toes Foot Balm free of charge from My Pure, in return for an honest review.

I've never used a foot balm before and was quite curious as to whether it actually made any difference to my tired, achy feet. As you all know, we've had some pretty hot weather lately here in the UK which means that the sandals are out and ultimately, so are the feet!

I, like many others, have been making the most of the fine weather but my feet really seem to be suffering. I'm quite pedantic about keeping dry skin at bay and pay particular attention to my feet. This balm is described as 'Great for nourishing dry feet, helping them to stay soft and supple,' so I couldn't wait to try it.

The tin holds 25g of foot balm and is simple to open. The balm itself somewhat resembles a firmer version of Vaseline and the minty smell hit immediately's actually quite a refreshing smell. You simply apply a small amount to your fingers, then massage it into your feet. I found that because my feet were quite hot at the time, the balm spread pretty easily and it didn't take a great amount to get a good coverage. Immediately after application, I could feel the relief it brought. My feet were instantly cooled and felt really soft ...even around the heel! I was amazed when I awoke the next day to find that my feet looked even more moisturised than normal and still felt soothed.
I've also used this after a day which consisted of alot of walking and didn't really think that anything would help relieve them, but I was wrong. This is quite the little miracle for tired, sore and achy feet as it does exactly what it says on the tin and brings that much needed comfort.

The core ingredients are Marigold Flowers, Coconut and Olive Oils, Beeswax and Essential oil of Lavender making this about as natural as you can get.

Gwdihw (Goody Hoo) Twinkle Toes Foot Balm comes in a 25g tin and costs a mere £4.49 from My Pure. A great buy if you ask me!!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Nivea Shower Cream

I recently received a sample of the new Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream and couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about!

I was thrilled when my sample arrived as normally they come in sachets, but this one came in a handy sized 50ml bottle which meant that I could extract every last drop with ease .....after using once, I wasn't letting any go to waste!
When you remove the lid, you can immediately smell the familiar scent of Nivea which I have always loved. I poured a small amount on my scrunchie and began to rub it over my legs. I was pretty surprised at how well it lathered up, as my past experience tells me that most body washes etc containing moisturiser, don't normally lather up too well.
This felt like one of, if not the, most indulgent bath I have ever taken (we don't have a shower!). My skin felt immediately softer to touch and had a lovely velvety sheen to it. I suffer from really dry skin and often feel self conscious when the sun comes out, but thanks to Nivea, I managed to wear my shorts with pride and confidence!

If you haven't had the chance to try this yet, then what are you waiting for??? You seriously won't look back!
Get you free sample from Nivea then once you've tried it, let them know what you think using #SHARETHECARE