Sunday 7 August 2022

Finishing Touch Flawless Brows


I was lucky enough to receive this Finishing Touch Flawless Brows to try out, and for me, it's been a game changer!

Firstly, it's super stylish in this stunning rose gold colour, and the design is so slender and sleek making it really easy to hold. 

The tip is slender enough to get really close to the brow line, and there's an LED light so you can spot even the lightest, finest of hairs without any problems. 

It's also really simple to operate using the sliding on/off switch located on the handle...

So, you now know it looks the part, but did it work? Well for me, yes! I've plucked my eyebrows for many years now, and due to this, I seem to have stretched my eyelids slightly. The Flawless Brows glides easily over the skin, removing the hairs as it goes. I did have to pluck the odd one or two more coarse hairs, but overall, I was really pleased with the results. Due to the fine nib, shaping my brows was really easy and I didn't end up with any great chunks missing! It's also really lightweight, so can be popped in your handbag for any emergencies. 

This may not work for everyone, but those with fine hairs should definitely feel the benefits. My one piece of advice would be to take it slowly! These things can't be rushed, and if you take it slow, you're less likely to miss any hairs.

Check out the full range of products, and learn more about Flawless Beauty by clicking HERE 

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