Tuesday, 27 January 2015

FNUG Natural Nail Polish from My Pure

I received some FNUG Natural Nail Polish in Chictopia from My Pure, in return for an honest review. all opinions are based upon my own experiences.

About FNUG:
"FNUG polishes contain strengthening silica and vitamin A, D, E, and B.
They also contain caviar to bring your nails the benefit of the high content of nutritious essential amino acids and minerals found in the micro eggs.
FNUG Nail Polish does NOT contain Formaldehyde, Toulene or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).
A chip-resistant polish that not only looks good but conditions the nails.

Metallic red golden nail polish.
Adorable heavy red metallic dresses with sexy open statements backs is one of Hollywoods hotteste fashion trends on the red carpet. The colours are vivid a mix of red and golden strikes. Chictopia is a stunning red shimmer nail lacquer with a bit of golden sparkles inside.
The red golden shimmer nail polish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without the risk of breakage.
In addition to nourishing protein, strengthening silica and delicate caviar, the nail varnish contains vitamins A, D, E and B."

This review is a little late after I experienced a few PC problems and problems with blogger, but I originally chose the Chictopia colour because it was getting close to Christmas and this colour was so perfect, especially with the little glittery bits in. I used this one on my finger nails ...

It was very difficult to get a good picture of the colour as the way the light kept catching it, it changed the colouration. In the bottle, it's a nice red and contains flashes of gold which give it a lovely sparkle. The brush is a great size and means you get a really good stroke over the nail. I only dipped the brush once for my smaller nails and twice for my thumb so I know this bottle will last me ages. One coat is quite sufficient for good coverage and bold colour. I was absolutely thrilled with the results! The drying time was around 5 minutes so make sure you get them done in advance.
This nail polish claims to be chip resistant, however if you do alot of dish washing, this isn't really the case. I wash dishes 3-4 times per day and it didn't take long before the nail polish started flaking off at the edges of my nails and looking unsightly. I had to remove after only one day and that in itself was a bit of a mission. I had to soak cotton pads in nail varnish remover and do each finger 3 times to remove all the polish. This is due to the glittery bits which make it more stubborn. I find that a cotton bud dipped in remover is ideal for getting the very edges next to the cuticles etc as you can be more direct.

Although the nail polish didn't last as long on my nails as I would have liked, I would still buy this again as the colour is really strong and quite striking too ....I may just have to avoid the dishes which suits me fine! 

FNUG Natural Nail Polish in Chictopia is available to buy from My Pure at a cost of £10.80 (RRP £12.00) for an 8.5ml bottle.

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