Tuesday 9 March 2010

ghd Obedience Cream for Frizz-Free Styling

I recently reviewed this ghd Obedience Cream for the very lovely Jenny from Talk Perfection and decided it was so good, i ought to add it on my blog!
I was very weary about using this product as i have extremely fine, flyaway hair which most taming products leave looking dull and greasy, however, this one was different!
As per the directions, i washed my hair, towel dried it a little then rubbed a small amount of this gel into my palms and began working through my hair - it smells gorgeous.  My hands did become quite sticky, but my hair felt fine.  Once i'd rubbed it through, it was time to blowdry and this is the point at which my hair usually becomes flyaway.  Alas, i managed to dry my hair without having to catch it first, then it was time for the ultimate test - the straighteners.  I was sure it would fail at this point, but surprisingly, it didn't.  My hair styled much better than normal and still looked clean and shiny - no static the next day after brushing either.
This tube is available direct from ghdhair and costs £12.95 (which includes free express delivery in the UK)
I strongly recommend this to anyone who struggles to tame their hair xx

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