Thursday 11 March 2010

My First Giveaway

Well, i thought it was about time i offered a giveaway on here, so this is it!
I have 2 kids books, Elephant Joe is a Spaceman! by David Wojtowycz (so glad thats typed, not sure i could have pronounced it!), and i also have Erroll by Hannah Shaw.

One winner will be chosen to receive both books.
For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what the funniest thing a young child has ever asked/said to you.......i'd love to hear what you replied too!  My other half will be doing the judging just so it's all fair and square.

1. Only ONE entry per person (duplicates will be discounted)
2. Competition will run for 2 weeks and a winner will be chosen on Friday March 26th
3. Sorry, but this is only open to UK residents
The winners name will be posted on my blog, so please check back - for those of you on twitter, i'll also tweet the winner!!

All i can say now is GOOD LUCK to you all and i look forward to reading your replies! :-) xx


  1. when asked what the oldest thing in the world was my daughter said Granny!!!

    @kikicomp have RT books look fab xx

  2. Well my son, when he was two, said "why do you have boobies and daddy doesn't?". I said because daddy enjoys playing with them and I don't. He just looked at me oddly then walked


  3. when i worked in a nusrery one 4 year old asked me her mum had sex in the city and did i have sex in the city - it was the way she asked lol

  4. Thankyou for your entries so far - made me giggle! My youngest was once told she couldn't have sweets because we were skint, she told me to use her pocket money to buy a purse...assuming it came ready filled!! They're so innocent though, which makes their little quips all the more funny!

  5. I was trying to teach my son to say, "please" and "thank you".

    So when he forgot, I reminded him, "what's the magic word, when you want something?"

    His answer, "Daddy" just left me speachless.

  6. Thank you for running a comp hunny :) xxx

    I once went into the public loos with my little boy, after he had used the facilities I told him not to open the door as mummy needed to go. All was well until he piped up in a VERY loud voice 'Mummy do you need help wiping your bum or can you do it all by yourself?'
    I was so shocked I just had to laugh, and I could hear a few chuckles coming from the next cubicle!


  7. My grandaughter asked me why i lived with grandad and not her

  8. My daughter asked her Mum and a close friend if they were lesbotarians!


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